New Here... sort of....

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New Here... sort of....
Sat, 03-01-2008 - 7:07pm

Hello-- I have lurked here on and off and thought I would introduce myself and post something here.

I worked as a Senior Operations Mgr. for a large company in our area for 9 yrs and left to open a home daycare in 2003.

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Mon, 03-03-2008 - 6:36am
Can you block out the time on your meeting planner when you are not available? That is what I used to do. Just call it a recurring daily meeting or something.
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Sat, 03-01-2008 - 9:42pm

Check with the employee rules and regulations of your state. CA requires businesses to provide a room (not a bathroom) with a locking door for a woman to pump while at work, breaks to pump and storage for the pumped milk.


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