public vs private vs home schools cont'd

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public vs private vs home schools cont'd
Mon, 07-07-2003 - 12:37pm
Speaking as someone who has personal childhood experience with all three of these options, I think that this is yet another debate which would fall under "it depends on the child" as well as the parents and the school district.

After being in private school in elem, I was placed in public schoo for two years. I enjoyed the experience, but returned to private school as soon as my parents allowed it.

Home schooling didn't work out for me because I am the oldest of 6 children and my mom couldn't handle all of the outside activities we needed.

2 of my brothers were home schooled and now attend private school, and my younger brother and sister attend public schools.

My children will spend at least 2-3 years in a local Baptist academy because in our school district, children do not learn how to read until 1 or 2nd grade. In the private school there is a two-year kindergarten program that begins at age 4 and teaches children to begin to read before 1st grade. Also, because of my Christian values, I believe it is important that my children start in a school with similar values. They will learn controversial things eventually (private, home, or public--trust me, it doesn't matter) and I plan to be there to teach them what's right and wrong. Racism, elitism, and and other -ism's have nothing to do with it.

Later my kids will attend a charter school (which are local public schools with more advanced curriculums) until high school, when they will have a say in where they go.

This is just what I have planned. I sincerely believe that there are advantages and disadvantages to all of these choices and your decision must be made based on the individual only after carefully considering all the options.