Starting my own daycare

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Starting my own daycare
Mon, 01-14-2008 - 5:54am
Do you think a few good people good take their kids to work and run a day care.
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Mon, 01-14-2008 - 7:26am

I think that if you love your child, and you show it, then your child will feel loved...regardless of whether or not you're AH.

As far as running your own dc is concerned,

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Mon, 01-14-2008 - 9:13am

Your work status has nothing to do with whether or not your child feels loved.

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Mon, 01-14-2008 - 9:23am
You are so right, Sue. I used home daycares when my kids were small, for several reasons. I wanted a "family like" atmosphere rather than the institutional atmosphere I perceived at daycare centers. I wanted year-to-year continuity of care, not different teachers/provider every year or semester. I wanted a multi-age setting, not a bunch of kids all the same age interacting. I wanted my boys to be raised together, to play with each other and others all day long, not have one in the infant room and one in the preschool room all day long. I wanted a more organic flow to their day, not a scheduled classroom atmosphere. In short, family/home daycare was my first choice. When we looked around it was totally obvious who was in it because they thought it was an easy/convenient way to make some money without leaving home, and who was in it to provide a quality experience for the kids whose families entrusted them to the providers. We have nothing but praise, love, and fond memories of the providers who took care of our kids for eight years total -- six years each for the kids.
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Mon, 01-14-2008 - 9:58am
You're so right.