Stay at home Dads

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Stay at home Dads
Thu, 07-17-2008 - 7:40am

Stay-at-Home Dads Forge New Identities, Roles
More Fathers Than Ever Are Primary Caregivers

Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, June 17, 2007; Page A01

It could have been any play group in the Washington area, except for the diaper bags. No Vera Bradley flowers, no pastel polka dots. The bags lying around Matt Vossler's Rockville living room Tuesday afternoon were dark Eddie Bauer canvas. One was red but, as its owner quickly pointed out, "very metrosexual."

"Potty training was a lot of angst for me," Vossler, 43, a onetime paralegal, told the group.

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Thu, 07-17-2008 - 9:03pm

I think it's great that now dads AND moms are making the choice whether to woh or sah.