Subtle Persuasion in our Entertainment

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Subtle Persuasion in our Entertainment
Mon, 12-26-2011 - 11:50am

On an old episode of Law & Order SVU, two separated parents squared off over a kidnapped child.

The father suspected the mother. She was a doctor in anthropology and had wanted to take the boy to rural China to live with a tribe for study for a year. The father felt that removing the boy from school and civilized life was akin to child abuse and made mention that the boy's mother had abandoned him in the past for the sake of her career, choosing to live elsewhere for periods of time for similar studies.

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Mon, 12-26-2011 - 1:15pm

Probably not, although using your child in an anthropology experiment wouldn't pass muster with any Human Subjects Review board at any funding agency, whether the idiot parent in question were male or female.

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Mon, 12-26-2011 - 1:45pm

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Mon, 12-26-2011 - 1:56pm

yes, the twist is because "she's" the career driven mom whose painted to be neglectful and abandoning.


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Tue, 12-27-2011 - 7:56am

Do you think that a working father would have been portrayed in the same way?

A father somehow manages to get custody of his child and leave the country, with the child,