Summer Activities

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Summer Activities
Sat, 06-20-2009 - 11:30am

So we've talked about summer supervision, and vacations and such.



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I LOVE the seasonal ritual of "packing the pool bag" it stays ready at all times-- towels come out of the dryer, get rolled and go right back in the pool bag - so we can walk down to the pool on a moments notice in the summer -- we go for many swims in the evening after camp/work and spend all day there in the summer

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Mon, 06-22-2009 - 8:31pm

Are your summer days varied, or do your kids get bored over the summer months? Neither of my kids gets bored in the summers, but they have a lot of say about what they do.

Do you schedule down time, and how much? No, but it happens naturally. I do plan for them to have quite a bit of unstructured time, so that can turn into down time if they want it.

Do you have a day to day routine, even if one week looks different than the next? The kids have swim team/lessons 4 mornings a week, and they like to hang out afterward at the pool with their friends. In the afternoons, they either have friends over, go to friends' houses, or hang out together (or separately) at home. Each of them has several weeks of afternoon camp.

Do you find that you work status helps you establishing these routines, or hinders (or does it have no effect at all)? It helps, in that I work from home during the summers, so I'm reasonably available to take them to their stuff. Then again, if I weren't working, it would be even easier.

Anything you've learned over the years that makes the summer months more enjoyable? Easier? Something you'll never do again? Can't think of anything major, but neither of my kids particularly likes all-day camps. Probably the most important thing for my kids, especially dd1, is to have unstructured, unscheduled time during the summers. They get plenty of structure during the school year, and they really enjoy their time off.

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Tue, 06-30-2009 - 12:41pm

Yes my Daughter gets bored. Her friends all go to daycamps or babysitters so on some days she won't be able to hang out until the evening and sometimes not at all.

Our days vary depending on what is planned that day. I have had a lot of doctors appointments lately that she can't come with me so Daddy comes home early from work to play with her.

Somedays we spend all day at the pool, going for walks, out shopping, going to the library and parks, or just spending downtime at home.

It is no different than it is during the year since we homeschool.


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Tue, 06-30-2009 - 12:44pm
Why don't you send her to daycamp so she can be with her friends?