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Stay-at-home moms useful to other people than just their kids
Businesses have figured out that stay-at-home moms are smart, trained and available to fill in during a crisis or special project.

By Theresa Walsh Giarrusso | Tuesday, May 6, 2008, 07:07 AM

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

A new Wall Street Journal story examines how stay-at-home moms are being used to fill in at companies. The story by Wall Street Journal writer, Sue Shellenbarger reports:

“Lots of employers would like to be able to hire cheap, temporary teams of seasoned pros with experience managing $2 billion investment portfolios, running ad campaigns or earning Ph.D.s in neuroscience.”

“But few know the secret to finding temps of that caliber: Look on playgrounds and at PTA meetings.”

“The decision among some highly educated women to stay home with children is sparking a countertrend: The rise of the mommy ‘SWAT team.’ The acronym, for ‘smart women with available time,’ is one mother’s label for all-mom teams assembled quickly through networking and staffing firms to handle crash projects. Employers get lots of voltage, cheap, while the women get a skills update and a taste of the professional challenges they miss.”

(I can’t get The Wall Street Journal link to work so I’m linking to the story through another newspaper.)

The story continues: “The University of North Carolina’s Kenan-Flagler Business School was able to muster an ‘incredibly talented’ team with eight at-home mothers — including a Stanford University Ph.D. in neuroscience, a University of Virginia M.B.A., an attorney and a former news executive — by tapping female staffers’ neighborhood networks, says Mindy Storrie, Kenan-Flagler’s director of leadership.”

“The team taught leadership skills to 100 M.B.A. candidates last year by role-playing difficult management situations with them and critiquing their performances. The simulation training was so successful that enrollment doubled this spring, and Kenan-Flagler made it mandatory for leadership training. Cost to the B-school: $21 an hour per woman.”

I just love this story and I’m so glad that businesses are realizing that moms who decide to stay home are still smart and useful.

There are several firms that help these moms find flexible work, including one here in Atlanta — MomCorps.com. The full list is in the story.

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