Thanks for all the advice

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Thanks for all the advice
Sat, 05-17-2003 - 1:51am
Thanks everyone for all the advice.

There are things in life that you may want but may not be the right timing.

My husband is a wonderful person and very supportive. And if he did leave me then, oh well, I will survive. I got along before I met him and would do it after. And if he dies, we have life insurance.

Basically, Opinion123 had it pretty on target.

And yes, it would be a very big gamble. Oh and by the way, lets say I went. I would graduate with 78,000 in student loans I have 18,000 from that amounts to 1,300 a month in student loans. Now if my husband left me then, I would really worry about the finances.

Maybe this is a blessing. By this I mean I have talked to several attorneys and they are not too thrilled that they have so much in loans. It is a real drag.

Most marriages today end due to financial reasons. I am going to look into attending a public law school.

So, thanks again.