What do you pay?

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What do you pay?
Mon, 05-19-2003 - 9:53pm
I thought a poll of some sorts would be helpful after reading the post from trip59. This way we can kinda see what everyone pays for certain things in their area.

General Location? Oklahoma

Gasoline by the Gallon? $1.36 regular unleaded

Car Insurance? $240 per month for 3 vehicles, full coverage on each

Home Insurance? $40 per month on 2000 square foot home

Mortgage (original amount) & square footage? $59,000 for $2000 sq feet

Internet service (including what kind)? $50 per month for DSL service

Cable or Satalite? $89 per month for digital cable (God forbid DH not have EVERY channel available)

Private School Tuition? $4800 for two kids


Public School Costs? In this area, the only costs I can think of are school supplies (none of the schools provide them, though some of the PTAs buy them, and put together kits for the parents to purchase), year books, etc.

Property Taxes? We don't have any. Our home is still in not on a permanent foundation yet, so with DH being active duty military with an out of state residence, our property taxes are waived.

Phone Service? We pay $48 per month, and that includes unlimited calling within the USA plus local calling, including Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Waiting ID, 3-way calling, etc etc.

HMMMM???? If I missed anything that someone might be curious about, post it as a title in this thread, and we can post our answers under it. :)

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Mon, 05-19-2003 - 10:17pm
Okay, I'll try, but I have to say that DH pays some of these bills and I don't know the exact amount, but I know approximations.

General Location: NJ

Gasoline by the Gallon? $1.35 regular unleaded

Car Insurance? $1,300/year for 3 vehicles (1999 Dodge Grand Caravan, 1992 Ford Taurus Station wagon, 1988 Ford Bronco II)

Home Insurance? $700/year

Mortgage (original amount) & square footage? $134,000, approx. 1500-1700 sq. ft., bought in 1986.

Internet service (including what kind)? $40 per month for DSL service

Cable or Satalite? $39 per month for satellite (cable was $60/month, less service!)

Public School Costs? In my town we don't pay for supplies except for a few things (glue, pencil holder, folders)

Property Taxes? approx. $4,000/year

Phone Service? About $25/month for landline, $75/month for 3 cell phones & beeper (DH's beeper and cell phone, my cell phone, MIL's cell phone - unlimited nights and weekends, about 500 min. weekdays)

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Mon, 05-19-2003 - 10:48pm
I'll give this a try...I rent so I've changed some of the questions....

General Location? Virginia

Gasoline by the Gallon? $1.48 regular unleaded

Car Insurance? $85 per month for 1 vehicle, full coverage

Home Insurance? $17 per month for renter's insurance

Mortgage (original amount) & square footage? I rent... $725 for 2 BR, 1BA apt., not sure of sq ft

Internet service (including what kind)? $29.95 per month for DSL service

Cable or Satalite? $42 per month for standard cable (had digital taken out because they kept billing me for PPV porn I didn't order! ACCCKKKK!)

Public School Costs? (for 3rd grader) Supplies- usually about $65 at the beginning of the year; fees-

$20 or so, yearbook, $15. Can't think of others right now.

Property Taxes? None on home, because I rent. On car, it's about $60/year now...finally!! Before property tax relief went into effect I was paying a 2-3 hundred a year.

Phone Service? $52/month includes Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Waiting ID, 3-way calling, Call Intercept (the most wonderful thing in the world), Call forwarding, voice mail, etc. $29.95 for cell phone service with 5,350 minutes and no long distance charges in continental US.

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Mon, 05-19-2003 - 10:50pm
General Location? Central Texas

Gasoline by the Gallon? $1.25 regular unleaded for the cheapest in the area rigth now but can pay as much as $1.36

Car Insurance? $385 per month, three vehicles full coverage on all, 4 drivers (one teenage and one under 21)

Home Insurance? Edited to post, just received our statement and it will be $765 this year.

Mortgage (original amount) & square footage? $114,000, 1900 square feet

Internet service (including what kind)

Cable or Satalite?

Our total cable bill is just over $100, $45 is for cable modem the rest for digital cable.

Private School Tuition? I have no idea.


Public School Costs?

I think our school taxes last year were about $1800. Some years it can be very costly buying school supplies expecially when they need a special calculator for math or need new back packs. Just basic pencils, pens, notebooks etc about $40.

Property Taxes? $3000

Phone Service? $25 per month for home phone, only extra we have is conference call.

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Mon, 05-19-2003 - 11:47pm
Fun thread. I'll play;

General Location? Midwest

Gasoline by the Gallon? $1.48 a gallon for unleaded

Car Insurance? $63 a month for two vehicles

Home Insurance? ??? That may be covered by above $63

Mortgage (original amount) & square footage? $169,000 for 1800 sq. ft.

Internet service (including what kind)? $78 a month for Satellite

Cable or Satalite? $42 a month for cable

Private School Tuition? $120 a month for preschool


Public School Costs? I think school taxes are covered by property taxes

Property Taxes? $4,500 a year

Phone Service? Depends on how much I call long distance. $30 a month for basic services, usually about $20 more in long distance charges


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Tue, 05-20-2003 - 2:20am
Fun poll. My answers:

Location: upstate NY

Gasoline by gallon: $1.67 today for the lowest grade, $1.85 medium which is what I purchased.

Car insurance: $620/annually for one 03 Windstar sel. Dh's evil Jeep Grand Cherokee is a company car, don't know what they pay.

Homeowners insurance: $640 annually for our primary residence, it varies for our rental properties and I'm too lazy to calculate it for the board.

Mortgate: House is paid for.

Internet: 45/mo for Roadrunner.

Cable/sattelite: 78/mo for digital cable. Well worth it for YES alone!!!

Private school tuition: none. Our public school was ranked #3 by wall st journal for most graduates to complete 4 y/r degrees. It's an excellent system and why we moved here.

Now our school taxes are high but we are getting what we pay for. I have no complaints. I meet with LW's K teacher for a conference tomorrow at 9 am and will tell her that he is now reading the books she sends home backwards just because he finds it fun. I've been looking into the advanced first grade programs and will discuss them with her initially. Obviously if they don't meet our needs we'll go private for LW but our 2 teens are in the HS and doing great. If their needs change, ditto. Thus far the school system has met our expectations so we have no reason to think they'll disappoint.

Phone service? 34/mo. Cell phone family plan is 79/mo for the whole family (5 of us).

Interesting to see everyone's answers!

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Tue, 05-20-2003 - 2:39am
Sure I'll play.......................................................................


gas-$1.69 gallon (reg unleaded)

insurance- $150 mo for 3 vehicles, 1 full coverage 2 liability

home insurance- included in mortgage, not sure of exact amount

mortgage-currently $1200 for 1350 sq feet. Moving to 2050sq feet and will pay about $2000

internet-cable modem $40/mo

cable tv-$60/mo

Private tuition-$125/mo for 2 day a week preschool for ds, 0 for dd

property tax-$2500-3000/yr for my 4plex, close to the same for the house

phone-$50 minimum for house phone, includes free out of state long distance. $60 month for 2 cell phones.



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Tue, 05-20-2003 - 8:10am
General Location: MI

Gasoline by the Gallon? $1.49

Car Insurance? For liability only (no-fault state) ins. runs around $500 per year (for drivers over 25, with no tickets/accidents in 3-5 years). Full coverage of course, depends on the car. We have *company cars* as a benefit of dh's job (dh builds them, his employer provides the plates and full coverage on both.)

Home Insurance? Right now, figured into cost of mortgage.. no clue.

Mortgage (original amount) & square footage? We pay $320 per month - our home is just under 1000 sq. ft.

Internet service (including what kind)? $16 per month for cable internet

Cable or Satalite? Satellite based cable here - we pay $55 for most of directv's full lineup

Public School Costs? Just school supplies

Property Taxes? Because we live in a *community* we pay no direct property tax. Our lot rent runs $300 monthly

Phone Service? $80 for one unlimited (Cricket) local cell and one Nextel cell

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Tue, 05-20-2003 - 9:28am
Here are my answers:

General Location? Southern New Jersey

Gasoline by the Gallon? $1.42 regular unleaded, 1.62 super

Car Insurance? $365 per month for 10 months on 3 vehicles, full coverage

Home Insurance? $700 per year on 2700 square foot home on a quarter acre

Mortgage (original amount) & square footage? $175,000 for $2700 sq feet

Internet and cable? $95 per month for cable modem and digital cable

Public school costs? Just school supplies and clothes

Property taxes? $4200 per year

Phone service? Verizon veriations - $55 per month for unlimited local and long distance, caller ID, voice mail, 3 way calling. Cell phones - $60 per month for two lines with no roaming or long distance charges, free nights and weekends and more minutes than we can use.

Water? $50 per month

Life insurance? $120 per month

Activities for kids? $285 per month for gymnastics, $100 per month for karate, $140 per month for horseback riding

Orthodontist? $132 per month for two kids in braces (after the downpayment)

LOL I had just broken down our household expenses for dh yesterday so they are sitting right in front of me.

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Tue, 05-20-2003 - 9:39am
Interesting to see the comparisons.

General location - upstate NY

Gasoline by the gallon - $1.65 yesterday, it was much higher a few weeks ago

Car insurance - $1170 annually for two cars -- 2001 Toyota Avalon and 1997 Toyota Camry

Home insurance - folded into the mortagage payment, so I'm not sure

Mortgage & square footage - Original mortgage $210,000 for 2500 sq ft. Neighbors sold similar house recently for $390,000

Internet service - DSL $35

Cable - $45 for expanded basic

School costs - about $50 per child each year for supplies to start school, plus maybe another $50 per child during the year for expenses. We live 5 blocks from the magnet school for gifted and talented students. Never considered private school, so I don't know how much it costs.

Phone service - about $30/mo for home phone, plus long distance charges. DH has a cell phone paid for by work. I don't have one.

We also pay a $45 monthly fee to the home owners' association that includes a membership to our neighborhood pool.

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Tue, 05-20-2003 - 9:45am
General Location? >> Maine

Gasoline by the Gallon?>>.. $1.69 regular unleaded

Car Insurance?>> $600.00 a year, liabilty and comp. only

Home Insurance?>> $210.00 a year

Mortgage (original amount) & square footage?>> $50,000.00 No clue on size.

Internet service (including what kind)?>>$18.95 a month, dial-up. T1 at work...FREE! :O)

Cable or Satalite?>> 50.00 satellite. BASIC (don't get me started...grrr..)

Private School Tuition?>> n/a 30.00 a week lunch money.

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