What if your daughter........

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What if your daughter........
Tue, 07-15-2003 - 11:14pm
or your daughter-in-law someday chooses to do the opposite of what you do? What if you believe strongly in and are a SAHM, and she decides to WOH full-time and sends her young children or infant to daycare...or if you believe strongly in and are a WOHM and she decides she wants to be home all the time with her kids, giving up a promising career or not using her college degree?

Would you try to influence her decision? Would it matter to you? Do you hope she will choose as you did?

I know sons can be SAH too, but for the sake of this discussion, because we are mostly women here, I'm focusing on daughters or daughters-in-law.


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Tue, 07-15-2003 - 11:20pm
I would encourage her to do whatever she and her SO decided was best for their family. The only way I might try to dissuade her was if I felt she had been talked or coerced into doing something she really didn't feel comfortable with (not necessarily what *I* was comfortable with).


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Wed, 07-16-2003 - 6:19am
They are adults and they mkae their own decisions.

But techinically there is no opposite of me since I have done both and I don't have any strong feelings one way or the other.

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Wed, 07-16-2003 - 6:41am
I am prepared for one dd to be a wohm and the other most likely a wahm. They have experienced me as a working mom ... they don't remember I sah with them until they were 20 mos old. They both know they want to work, one dd has ambition for college and a career, my other dd likes what I do ... a wah job, only she says she'd rather take care of dogs. She means no offense, she just loves dogs more than kids, lol.

My views will not interfere unless I am concerned either one is not happy or is being forced to do something they do not want ...



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Wed, 07-16-2003 - 7:25am
I don't believe strongly either way, so if my DIL someday is a SAHM, I say great if it's what's best for the family. And as long as it's a mutual decision between her and my DS. To me, THAT is the most important consideration.
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Wed, 07-16-2003 - 7:47am
That's her and her husband's decision. Its really none of my business.

Until/Unless the kids are neglected, unhealthy, obviously unhappy, etc.

I hope my dd and/or dil do what's right for THEIR family.


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Wed, 07-16-2003 - 8:31am
Heaven help the women who become my daughters-in-law. If they choose to WOH, I will roll my eyes and sigh deeply and exclaim that back in MY day, women who loved their families stayed home with the kids and isn't it a shame that my son doesn't get all the homecooked meals and attention he got as a young boy. If they choose to SAH, I will roll my eyes, sigh deeply and exclaim that back in MY day, women didn't sit around waiting for their husbands to take care of them and isn't it a shame my son didn't marry a strong independent woman like their father did....

Will there ever be women good enough for my sons? ;)

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Wed, 07-16-2003 - 9:00am
I won't say a word. My MIL was very concerned about using childcare and the fact that I planned to continue working FT, but didn't breathe a word about it. And now she sees how well it's working for us. But she never voiced an opinion, and I really respect her for that.

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Wed, 07-16-2003 - 10:22am
Are YOU my MIL?????

Seriously, I want my DIL to do whatever they and my sons feel is best for them.

What about you cindytree? Will you be upset if your daughters choose to woh?

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Wed, 07-16-2003 - 11:14am
Her kids, her choice! FWIW, my sister talks about WOH when she has kids and I've said that if DH and I move by her, I'll watch her kids for her while she's working. Given her odd hours, it would only be until noon-ish anyway.

If it were my DIL or DD, I'd keep my mouth shut b/c I know how much my MILs input about what I'm doing "wrong" as a mother has p*ssed me off.

But God help me the day I become the MIL...


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Wed, 07-16-2003 - 3:50pm
I am hoping my daughters in law are smart enough to use their own brains to make their own decisions. I don't want my sons to marry dolts who aren't smart enough to do what THEY think is right for their family. I cannot imagine interfering in the decisions of another married couple, regardless of whether one of them is my child.