Work or Stay Home? - Here are some Tips!

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Work or Stay Home? - Here are some Tips!
Wed, 08-20-2003 - 2:17pm
Hello, to all of you!

I have seen so many people debating on whether to stay at home with their children or put them in day care. I would like to offer what I have found on both situations and hope that it may help some of you.

First of all by staying at home it does not mean that you can not have an income as well.

1) Have you thought about you and your spouse (if you have one)working different shifts so that at least one of you could be home with your child(ren)?

2) Have you looked into jobs that allow you to work from home? There are many legitimate companies looking for people to work from home, some actually pay you an hourly wage and take out taxes. I have some good sites to look on if you are interested you can email me and I will forward them to you. See my website below for my email address.

3) Have you ever thought about starting a home based business? There are so many different types of business that you can start with little investment that can give you a reliable income. My husband and I looked all over for a home business because frankly we can not count on the job market and wanted to secure our future. We found one that works great for us! If you are interested I can introduce you to them. Visit and Get More Info.

Daycare issues

1) Compare how much you make vs. how much you pay for day care. My friend only made about $400 per month after she paid for her child care. She decided to quit her job and get a part time job (she has a spouse with another income) and now makes about $600 per month, so she is actually making more money per month and she is able to stay home with her kids.

2) Some like to have their children in daycare for the social interaction. I agree that kids need to have some type of interaction, but there are many playgroups that you can become involved in. Your local community probably has many different types of activities for children that involve interaction with other children.

3) PLEASE check into your child care provider. You can check with the BBB and the state licensing bureau to see if any reports have been filed. Also, anyone that is taking care of your child should have a criminal background check done. Any legitimate child care provider is not going to mind you doing so. If they do I would question their intent and ethics. I have heard of SO many tragedy's that could have been avoided if the parent did more research on where they were leaving their kids.

4) Consider the child to adult ratio also. Your child is not going to get a lot of attention if there are too many children for the provider to take care of. One of my friends took her son to a day preschool program with many other children and only 1 adult. Her son was in a dirty diaper the entire day and seemed very hungry. When she asked the instructor why her son had not been changed or fed her reply was "Oh my gosh, I guess I got so busy with all these children that it slipped my mind" Needless to say that was her first and last visit.

In short, I guess I would like to remind everyone on why they wanted to become a parent. Children bring incredible joy in so many different ways. They are so impressionable and so innocent. It is our responsibility as their parents to make sure that they are given the best care in the most appropriate environment. Every parents top priority should be on the health and welfare of their children.

I sincerely wish that you all make the best decision for yourself and your children.

Happy Parenting :)


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Wed, 08-20-2003 - 2:42pm
YAWN! Not only did I get spam for lunch, but a lecture with it too! As if we're children that just make these serious decisions on a whim without thinking them through first ...