Yay or Nay - Halloween Costumes At Work?

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Yay or Nay - Halloween Costumes At Work?
Tue, 10-23-2012 - 6:25pm

Do you think that dressing up in costumes at work are a good way to boost moral and teambuilding, or a human resources nightmare?

This article from the Today Show discusses both sides of the issue, what do you think?

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Thu, 10-25-2012 - 8:59am
It shouldn't ever be mandatory. That would be an HR nightmare. But, if it wouldn't be inappropriate in the work environment, and the costumes themselves are appropriate, then I think one should be allowed to dress up if they want.

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Sun, 10-28-2012 - 11:00pm

I agree with Savcal, that mandatory dressing up will be absurd and certainly infringing on empoyee rights.  There are many other ways for team building that are more "main stream".

Dressing up is also not exactly good for business in certain professional settings.  For example, I would hate to walk into my lawyer's office and see him dressed up as Mickey Mouse!  Surprised

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Mon, 10-29-2012 - 10:49pm

I think it depends heavily on where you work and the culture of the workplace. You can make it a bit more uniform by making it a "theme" day instead of turning things out willy-nilly. Have it be "dress like high school" day or something simple like Wizards and Princesses to keep everyone in line - there is always that one guy who makes things awkward by showing up in something inappropriate. This at least would give people some direction if they need it. 

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