American Idol Fans - who gets cut thi...

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American Idol Fans - who gets cut thi...
Wed, 05-05-2004 - 10:05am

American Idol Fans - who gets cut this week?

  • Diana DeGarmo
  • George Huff
  • LaToya London
  • Jasmine Trias
  • Fantasia Barrino

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Wed, 05-05-2004 - 10:12am
It was a tough pick, but I think that George will get all the leftover teeny-bopper fans. Jasmine is just okay compared to the rest....but last night wasn't really my thing either.

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Wed, 05-05-2004 - 11:28am

Well, Zak's baseball pratice is on Tuesdays until 7:15 so I missed the beginning. I watched the last half and Jasmine was boring. Totally boring. I hope it is her.

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