Ban on Public Nudity in San Francisco

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Ban on Public Nudity in San Francisco
Mon, 11-19-2012 - 2:39pm

San Francisco city lawmakers will be voting on whether to ban public nudity with exemptions for some parades and festivals.  The ban stems from complaints on a group of nude men that hang out every day in a square.

"I don't think having some guys taking their clothes off and hanging out seven days a week at Castro and Market Street is really what San Francisco is about. I think it's a caricature of what San Francisco is about," Wiener said.

The proposed ban predictably has produced outrage, as well as a lawsuit. Last week, about two dozen people disrobed in front of City Hall and marched around the block to the amusement of gawking tourists and high school students on a field trip.

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Do you think that there should be a ban on public nudity, or is it a case of Americans being too prudish?

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Mon, 11-26-2012 - 12:57pm
Fine, as long as the nude people are confined in the Castro. That's okay with me. Signs should be posted, however, to warn off those whose only desire is to keep from laughing. I for one am easily grossed out. Couldn't they post something like "No Grossouts Allowed?"
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Tue, 11-20-2012 - 9:47am

I find it interesting that in one state it is perfectly acceptable to march around nude but in another, the same person or persons would be arrested, prosecuted, and placed on the sex-offenders list.

Whatever they decide, I think it needs to be uniform across the country.


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Mon, 11-19-2012 - 4:38pm

Having grown up in the Bay Area and visiting San Fran many times, it is part of the culture "that keeps San Francisco weird." As stated in the article.

Wonder why they decided to crack down on it now. If people don't want to see it they need to stay out of the Castro.