Desiree - for you - more condo photos

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Desiree - for you - more condo photos
Mon, 06-29-2009 - 7:32am

we made our 2nd trip back to IKEA this weekend - bolstered by the money Kelly made selling her cds and dvds back to newbury Comics ($700!!!) and selling stuff she's not bringing with her on Craigslist (anoter $300-$400 or so) -- we met up with my bestest bestest friend Joe (Liza's godfather) and the 3 of us had a madcap time being silly and of course chowing down on some swedish meatballs in the IKEA cafeteria -- but we came away with a bureau for Kelly, nightstands for us, a cushioned rocker for the bedroom, new media storage units for the livng room, 2 lamps and lots of little things like placemats and fun stuff -- for just over $600 -- can't beat it. Then we butched it up and put everything togeterh last night except the media cases -- kelly will do those today. but the bedroom is now DONE! yippee!
check it out!
(on and PS - this was SO not boring -we danced - we put silly stuff in each others carts, and we randomly chatted up passersby -- ;-)