DH's..you love them despite...

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DH's..you love them despite...
Mon, 10-13-2003 - 7:59pm
I just finished folding laundry and trying to remember why I love DH so I won't strangle him. It got me thinking about his weird habits.

He is absolutely paranoid about our children's safety. I was putting down my car hood this afternoon and he yelled for me to watch out for Alex. Alex was two feet behind me. I looked at him in surprise and he said he was scared Alex's hands would get caught under the hood. Sure-because he was two feet away from the car. He also will not let me put mouse bait behind the frig because Alex might get it. He is super baby and can push the frig out of the way. I love him for being so protective.

He will not kill anything. Spiders, snakes, cockroaches. He takes them and puts them outside. It drives me mad. Once he tried to rescue a mouse that got caught in a glue trap. It was pitiful. I told him it would die from the shock and he just kept trying to free it. I love that he is so gentle (even though I think spiders should die).

He turns off the stove a thousand times before he goes to bed. I tell him that medication could fix that and he just glares at me. I guess I love him for being careful.

He farts on the clean sheets. I love him despite that.


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Mon, 10-13-2003 - 8:44pm
where do i begin?????

i dont think the farting on clean sheets is funny at all!! and yes my dh does it. my dh is not protective, or safety concious at all. that really bothers me.

he was raised so different than i was. my parents insisted we follow rules, my dh wasnt disciplined at all therefore doesnt discipline our kids. but i still love him.

he yells at me when i put a postage stamp on up-side-down. LOL. who cares??? i still love him, AND he loves me.

he tracks mud through the house, and says darn it. truly doesnt realize hes doing it. i still love him.

he cant dance, or hold a tune, or keep rythem. i still love him.

he makes the neighbors think he is mr nice guy by mowing their lawns, when he just wants to play with the lawn mower a little longer, so he doesnt have to come in to clean up the mess he made in the kitchen. i still love him.

he tears the bed up, *every* night in his sleep, so i put it all back together in the morning, and go on. i still love him.

hes a *way* lousy driver, and i will love him as long as i live through his driving.

he cant get a fast food order right. i called him the other day and asked him to bring me a salad from wendys, so he pulls into jack in the box, right next door and orders the kidn of salad i want from wendys..... i still love him.

neither one of us can spell, so we dont know the difference, so we still love each other.

he worries about money, constantly, but wont hold on to it. i still love him.

and finally, last but not least, he has no clue about fashion, so i have to go with him to pick out his clothes, but i still love him.

that should just touch on it. hes a horse of a different color....but i love him.

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Mon, 10-13-2003 - 8:50pm
Funny, I was thinking the same thing today. My DH never knows what he wants. He loves it that I am "at home" and taking care of DS and will tell him what a good mother he has. Yet he will ask me how much money I'm contributing each month and why I'm not making more. We always have the same conversation, with me pointing out that if I'm doing laundry, running DS hither and yon, voluteering at the school, etc etc then I can't be working. Sometimes he asks me when the laundry is going to be done because I've been so busy working the house has gone to seed. I say to him, "What do you want? Clean laundry or money?" I'll find a clean load in the dryer the next day. Sometimes I get infuriated with him for being stuck in two generations -- his father's, where women waited on men hand and foot, and ours, where women are strong and independent. I'm glad he loves me for being strong and independent.

Now he is working at home and today he had a melt down because DS was playing and he "couldn't get any work done." I just looked at him. At least he was sitting at his desk. I, on the other hand, was doing laundry, sweeping the floors, cleaning the pit that is DS' room, etc etc etc. I said, "Welcome to my world for the last five years."

I still love him though. Especially when he gives me a romantic kiss goodbye before traveling and tells me he can hardly wait to come back home.


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Mon, 10-13-2003 - 9:36pm

Okay. . .you know your husband's been gone too long when you can't remember a damn one of his bad habits. . .

Seriously though. . .the man hates spiders, so I'm the official spider squasher at my house.

He NEVER asks for directions, which is okay as I'm a good navigator. . .but heaven forbid I NOT be paying attention when we're driving.

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Wed, 10-15-2003 - 3:58pm
LOL!! That was too funny.