Do it your selfer or pay someone?

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Do it your selfer or pay someone?
Wed, 01-21-2004 - 8:36am
When it comes to home fix-up? I would much rather be a payer but unfortunately we have a do it yourselfer budget. I much prefer the end result to the process.

We are in the process of redoing our floors (wood laminate in the entry/living/family, ceramic tile in the kitchen/dining). Since the floor will be torn up it is the perfect time to paint. We have lived her for over 5 years and have never painted the entry/living, mainly because we could not decide on a paint color. We decided to just go with the same off white that we have.

We painted the family/kitchen/dining about 4 ½ years ago. It was a compromise. We both wanted blue but I wanted dark and DH wanted light so we went in the middle. I am finding out that DH compromised much more than I did, he never has liked the color so we will be going light this time.

We are doing it a room at a time. We started with the living/entry which has been the most time consuming, mainly because of having to remove the mastic under where there was ceramic tile in the entry. Our goal is to get it done before Super Bowl weekend and then taking that weekend off. Then getting the other rooms done before DH starts class in March.


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Wed, 01-21-2004 - 9:14am
We're typically DIY. There's very little dh can't do around the house, and he doesn't like to pay somebody for what he can do himself. He's limited only by the size of the job. When we had an addition put on a few years ago, we paid for somebody to do that, because it was just too much for dh to do with a FT job. He did do the general contracting himself, which saved us nearly $30K. He also laid the flooring himself and ran the duct work for the heating and cooling. We've been married 5 years and I'm still constantly amazed by what he knows how to do.

Funny story. Shortly after we started dating, we were having dinner with my parents. DH noticed that there was a brick missing from a step in my parents' backyard. Dad mentioned that the brick had been missing for 30 years and that he still had it. Bless dh's heart, he managed not to laugh. Next time he brought some mortar and fixed the brick.

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Wed, 01-21-2004 - 9:47am
DIY, except for major stuff like electrical/junction box stuff and any plumbing that goes into the concrete slab. Other than that, we DIY. Cheaper and although the work is a pure pain, I really like doing it myself. The only times I haven't done stuff like drywall work, etc. was like in cases of this summer when my unit sustained water damage from the 3rd floor unit's overflowing A/C condensate line and in that case, the insurance wouldn't cover except if their repair guys did the work.

But my ex will be putting in a ceramic tile in my entry hallway/kitchen next month and I'm signed up at Home Depot for a class in how to install a tile countertop and the will be replacing the ancient (and beat up) laminate counters for tile counters. At some point, our refinancing should come through and we'll be replacing the heat pump (that will NOT be DIY LOL!) and installing laminate wood in the dining room, living room and the hallway to the bedrooms. And if there's enough money left over from those jobs, we'll replace the carpeting in the two remaining bedrooms (which still have original carpeting and it wasn't great quality to begin with) and hopefully lay tile in my bathroom/vanity area.

I'd like to paint the living room BEFORE the laminate is put in but that doesn't appear to be likely to happen in that order, so it'll be drop cloth city for us.

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Wed, 01-21-2004 - 10:42am
We've been do-it-yourselfers, but we need to start being pay-someone-elsers because we need to have the house rewired and we need to do something with our kitchen and bath. When DH wasn't working as many hours, he did pretty much everything himself. He completely remodeled our upstairs when we converted our house from a 2-family to a single family home. He's repaired our wrap-around porch (new boards, new parts for the columns) and has put in some replacement windows. Now we need to have things done that require the pros and DH just doesn't have the time these days.
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Wed, 01-21-2004 - 12:14pm
Ahhh the never ending home improvement process. You do realize this is how Home Depot and Lowe's make their money don't you??? They convince you to do one teeny-tiny little project knowing full well that it will lead to renovating the entire house...after all, your floors look great but now the walls need paint, then the walls and the floors look great but the kitchen cabinets need to be replaced and is all a big conspiracy created by the home improvement retailers!!!!!
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Wed, 01-21-2004 - 1:58pm
Completely do-it-yerselfers here. I LOVE that DH is handy. In fact, I just told him how sexy I think he is because of it this morning. LOL. We've painted the entire house ourselves; put up crown molding and crown molding shelves (with the help of my dad); patched and sprayed a textured finish on the bathroom walls because it was cracked; installed recessed lighting in the living room; refinished all the living room furniture to a dark chocolate brown; installed a new water heater; put up some old kitchen cabinets in the garage for storage.

We just got new carpet in the living room last weekend. Beforehand, I cleaned all the baseboards, and touched up some paint in there. We move a lamp from the bedroom and got a couple new throw pillows. I bought some paper-like pendant lamps from IKEA too and DH had to strip the wires and cut the outlet plug off and hardwire them to a plate. The wires were white, so he spray painted them dark brown and hooked 'em up.

I feel like I'm living in a new house. It's amazing what a few little things can do.

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Wed, 01-21-2004 - 2:06pm

We do a combination ... contracted windows, insulation, carpeting, plumbing.


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Wed, 01-21-2004 - 2:35pm
I am looking forward to buying a house so we can do projects.
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Wed, 01-21-2004 - 5:51pm
My dad is like your DH. In the 70's he put on an addition to the house and the only things that he did not do himself was the laying of the cement for the porch he added. He built a gazabo in his back yard 6 years ago because my younger DS always wanted to be married in a gazabo. He is 71 years old and always has a project going on at his house. Right now he is re-doing all of his walls and making major repairs to the ceiling due to water damage.
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Thu, 01-22-2004 - 7:19am
I'm the DIY Queen. I spend as much time and money at Lowe's as most women do at Nordstrom's. For Christmas I asked for one of those laser levels. Since last spring, I have painted and redecorated two and half baths (plus wallpaper border in one), the foyer, the front hall, the kitchen (also tiled a backslpash and replaces all the hardware on the cabinets) and both boy's bedrooms. Made curtains for DS2's BR-I don't sew real well but can handle simple rectangular things. I am about to commence painting the living room and dining room. I rewire lamps, replace light fixtures, rebuild toilets, can handle basic carpentry projects and generally drive DH crazy. He's happy that I am interetsed in the house, but trembles wheneber I turn on HGTV, lest I get more ideas.


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Thu, 01-22-2004 - 9:40am
We were always payers, but have started a little DIY lately, and I kind of like it.

We just completely redid our family room. DH and I took up the carpet and carpet tacks, and then he took down our brich hearth and barn-board paneling. We rented a U-Haul van for $65 to haul everything to the dump, rather than paying the contractor $400 for a dumpster.

Then we had someone come in and install new drywall. When the drywall was in but the floor wasn't, DH and I frantically painted the walls overnight. The next day the contractors put the floor in, and eventually they added the window trim and baseboards. So I'd say we (DH, really) did about 25% of the work, but we saved a lot of money doing it.

Congratulations! I'm so happy to hear it. I just heard the good news and popped back over, just in case you were still checking in.