Family Dinner Table

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Family Dinner Table
Fri, 09-07-2012 - 3:49pm

Do you manage to have dinner as a family every night and how much importance do you place on it?

This question stems from a strange discussion I had with my MIL who was talking about how it was a rule that everyone had to be at the table for dinner every night, basically no exceptions.  Wasn't sure if she was trying to get a message across to me, but honestly I just shrugged it off for the most part :smileywink:  My dh and I do the best we can, but with four active boys in sports, and him working long hours trying to get a business of the ground, just doesn't always happen.   I do try to spend quality time with them in other ways to find out how their school day, etc. went, but there is a part of me that worries it's not enough.     



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Fri, 09-07-2012 - 8:33pm

  When  our kids were young family dinners were pretty much the norm.  There was no rule about it, it was just a normal part of the day and there rarely was a conflict.

  For a couple of years in DH Air Force career he traveled a lot and was gone 2-3 days a week.   Then in his first job after retiring from the Air Force he worked shift work and was not home for dinner 3-4 days a week.   The kids were so used to him being there for dinner every night that it was very hard on them.  We still had family dinners but missed him not being there.

  It was not until my kids got into  high school that their schedules conflicted with dinner.   Sometimes we were able to change dinner time to work around conflicts but it was not always possible.

   The thing that I liked most about family dinners was it was the only time that the whole family was together to connect.  Throughout the day some of us would spend time together but dinner was usually the only time we were all together. 

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Sat, 09-08-2012 - 3:54pm

We've always made an effort to all have dinner together - since the kids were babies.   we still manage it 3-7 nights a week, but it has become harder as the kids (and I) have become busier.  Between Scouts, band, jobs, friends and boyfriends, there is usually 1-3 days a week that it might only be 2 or 3 of us at the dinner table instead of all three.   But that's okay, we do it often enough, and have been doing it long enough, that we still have that cohesiveness.

Tonight, for instance, The Girl is going to the movies with her boyfriend (it's his birthday), and to dinner at his house before. But dh, The Boy and I will sit down to a homecooked meal together.  Tomorrow, The Girl has to work until 7, so we'll eat without her, but she'll have leftovers of the same meal when she gets home. 

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Sun, 09-09-2012 - 5:21pm
For us, dinnertime is the best time to connect, so we've always made it a priority. Mainly because of my work schedule, during the school year, it's usually only 5 nights a week, but during the summer, it's pretty much every night. To accommodate DH's commute, the kids' activities, and to some extent my work schedule, we just eat later than many people (7:30 is pretty typical).