Friends from High School ...

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Friends from High School ...
Tue, 07-16-2013 - 5:19pm

I just spent a glorious weekend with four of my best friends from high school - 24 years after graduation.  The last time we had *all* been in the same room together was four years ago at our 20th class reunion.   There is another one of our "group" that couldn't make it.  And one of the ones that did was a surprise.  


Although we had to spend quite a bit of time catching up on each other's lives (we'd all kept in touch, but not with the details), it was as if high school was yesterday. We all laughed, cried, talked, sang, hugged - just as if we'd been together forever.  Some of us are in different stages of our lives and we are all very different -- kids range from 21 to 9; one is recently divorced, 4 are married, 2 are on their second marriage; 2 are deeply faithful/religious, 2 are relatively religious/faithful, one is agnostic; 2 are pt-employed, 3 are ft; one just went from homeschooling and SAHMing for 10 years to having to work pt; some are fat, some are thin; etc, etc -- but it was like we were all the same. We didn't need to be the same to love each other as we did 24 years ago.


We also vowed not to let it take this long again.   Only one of  us (the one that couldn't make it) lives farther than 150 miles from any of the others, so we realized that it's shameful that we dont' see each other more often.  


Anyway, I just wanted to open up a fluff discussion about your best friends from high school.  Are you still in contact? Do you get together regularly? Have you grown apart? Or, like us, have you just grown different?

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Tue, 07-16-2013 - 5:53pm

I have closer ties with people I've met b/c of all of our moves than I do high school.  I had a few close high school friends and thanks to facebook we do keep in touch there, there are a couple I'd like to still find actually..  Of the school friends that I am connected with, Many if not most are married, Most have older kids than my own and a couple are grandmothers already, Gulp, Lol.  One is gay and a few are single that never got married.  There are a couple SAHMs which doesn't really surprise me, some of the career directions others took does surprise me a little.   



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Tue, 07-16-2013 - 5:54pm
One of the side effects of going to three different high schools is that I really didn't have terribly close friends in high school. Lots of folks with whom I was friendly, but not people with whom I've kept up or with whom I would spend a weekend.
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Tue, 07-16-2013 - 7:24pm

My best friend from high school married my brother. They had two kids before they went through an ugly divorce. My dh and I helped her after the divorce and got her a job at my husband's place of employment--she walked off the job after the affair between herself and her supervisor turned sour. I had to go to the courts for an ex parte to assume guardianship of her oldest daughter because she dropped her off and forgot about her for a month. 

We're not friends anymore. 

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Tue, 07-16-2013 - 9:00pm

I do occasionally see my friends from hs, but they are not close friends. I do often hang out with my college besties.

My husband does hang with his hs school friends, and they have become quite good friends of mine too.

My 88 yo dad gets together with his high school, ww2 buddies twice a year at some location worldwide. Not many left, 8 or so, but still going strong.

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Wed, 07-17-2013 - 8:03am

I was extremely shy in school so did not have a big group of friends.

One friend (who would probably be my best friend then), left town about the same time that I did.  She married someone who was in the Coast Guard so moved around a bit for about 4 years then settled in his home town.   We were able to visit her twice during those years when she lived between where we were living at the time and our home town and we stopped and spent the night  on the way.  About 9 years ago they moved back to our home town so now I see her every time I am there.  She lives fairly close to my older sister, they on a main road and she on a side road off of it so she goes by their house all the time.  She works at a big box hardware store where she became buds with my dad.  Everytime he would be in there they would seek each other out and talk.

The second was more of a middle school than high school friend because she was one of those girls who when she got a boyfriend it was all about him and dropped everything else and got a boyfriend our freshman year.  She married him  right after graduating.  He was in the Air Force so they also moved away.  She moved back after they divorced so then I started to see her when I visited home. She is now in her third marriage (the second one she was widowed) and moved away again.

The third one was a neighbor so her family was friends with my family. I visted her when I was back there until she moved away about 25 years ago. She is now living in Phoenix so we got to have dinner with her when we went to the Grand Canyon in 2011. I was great.  I was not sure if I would be able to recognize her (and I didn't really) but I did not have to worry she said that I had not changed at all. 

We are all at about the same stage in our lives.  3 of the 4 in our only marriages.  The bulk of our kids are in the same age range, the first two and I all have three kids that were all  born between 1981 and 1989 stairstepping. The last had a child as a teenager so he is older but her other son is in the middle of the pack.    So all of our children are adults, not sure if all empty nesters as last time I talked to one she still had a son at home.   I am the only non grandparent.  I am also the only one who does not have a married child. 

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Wed, 07-17-2013 - 10:07am

I went to HS with my best friend, and we are still friends. But we knew each other long before HS. Other than this friend, I do not have contact with anyone from HS, nor did I have many friends from that school at the time. Most of my friends went to other HSs.

I have had a bit of contact with the kids who were in my classroom (same 25 kids all the years) grades K-9. We are now all turning 50, and it amused me that two of those people warranted newspaper articles on their 50th: the kid who was always getting straight As and the kid who was always outside the door. 

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Wed, 07-17-2013 - 1:05pm

Anyway, I just wanted to open up a fluff discussion about your best friends from high school.  Are you still in contact? Do you get together regularly? Have you grown apart? Or, like us, have you just grown different?

Yes, I'm in contact with a number of my high school friends and people I went to high school with that I wasn't close to but am now friends as adults.  Yes, we get together on a regular basis.  There are a few that I haven't seen in years, so yes I guess grown apart or grown different.  

My group of high school friends while we are all in the same basic age range give or take a few years, we are all in different situations in life so it's really nice that we are all friends.  They are a great group of people and friends.