Has anyone else seen "Big Fish"?

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Has anyone else seen "Big Fish"?
Mon, 02-02-2004 - 9:32am
I saw it this weekend and was disappointed. I didn't like how it resolved itself at the end.

Just wondering what others thought. (DH liked it.)

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Mon, 02-02-2004 - 1:36pm

Dh and I saw it a couple of weekends ago and loved it.

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Mon, 02-02-2004 - 2:23pm
I think that I wanted the father to eventually show some a love and affection towards his son. I felt like the son had been neglected by his father his whole life and just wanted some acknowledgement. And there never was any. It was always all about Dad.

The son eventually accepted the father, but the father never did anything for the son.

Can you see my own personal issues wrapped up in it? LOL!!!

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Mon, 02-09-2004 - 11:17am
hi, I tend to agree with you. I did not like it! Thought it lacked true emotion. However when you say the father didn't do anything for the son I feel I want to respectfully challenge that! (if you don't mind! LOL!!)

Through the film the Father was supposed to be a bit crazy and the son was saying he just wanted his dad to tell him the truth, well, at the end of film, he found out his father was telling him the truth (see? even though the son seemed to accept his dad, he was only pretending to make his dad feel better cos he was dying, but when his dad DID die, and all the people he talked about came to the funeral, the son finally believed his dad, it was the son who wasted years not believing his dad, but who would? He-he!!)

If you remember a scene where the son was saying to his dad, "why cant you just tell me the truth, why cant you show me who you really are, i feel that you are failing me" to which the dad replied, "I am telling you the truth, this is me and if you cant believe me, then it is you who is failing me" well, it turned out all the stories were true and at the end of the film, we as spectators were supposed to say: "oh my goodness! all that time that man was telling the truth? and he went to his death bed not being believed, oh how terrible!" what the dad did for the son was this: the son realised his dad was the person in the stories and he then established a relationship with his own son the way it was with his father, u can hear the son saying to his own son by the pool "and what size was the fish" and that he ends up being exactly like his father! Ironic or what!I hope that has helped a bit!

The film was supposed to be about how people commmunicate their "stories" and a man's strained relationship with his dad, but, I still think it did lack the emotion, I wasnt even teary eyed and I am the most sentimental person in the world! I remember watching the waltons when I was a teenager and the cat was giving birth and something went wrong and basically they had to cut open the cat to get the kitten! (and needless to say the cat died!!) well!! I cried sore for hours!! The cat was crying and all!! LOL!! But anyway,

This is just my intrepation of the film! I'm sure everyone else see's it different but that is what makes us all different!!