How about a roll call for the New Year?

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How about a roll call for the New Year?
Sat, 01-03-2004 - 11:03am
It's been awhile.

I was a SAHM for 12 years, went back to work when my DD3 went to school full time. Have been a WOHM for 8 years. For the last five years I have worked in a stock room and have increased my hours as the girls have gotten older. I now work about 36-40 hours per week.

We were a military family. I met my DH when we were both stationed in Japan. I got out when pregnant for DD1. He made a career of it and retired 5 years ago.

We have been married for 22 years and have three DDs. DD1 is 20 and a junior in college (major finance), DD2 is 18 and a freshman in college (major elementary education), DD3 is a freshman in high school.

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Mon, 01-05-2004 - 12:50pm
Jenna-age 38, SAHM of 3 sons ages 9, 7,4. Married for 16 years to the same man who still makes my heart go pitter patter. I have worked most of the years I have been a mother. I thought I would be terribly unhappy as a SAHM but so far it has been going ok. I plan on going back to work when my youngest starts school in the fall.


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Tue, 01-06-2004 - 7:37pm
Grandma J. 52 years old, 32-year-old son, 30-year-old daughter (who has 3-year-old boy and 17-month-old twin boys). I have a dog (beagle) and a cat. They both like me but they don't like each other.

I was married ten years, then divorced when my kids were 6 and 8. Raised them as a single WOH mom. Did some things well, many things badly, "the trouble with being a parent is that by the time you're experienced, you're unemployed." I am, however, a good mother of adult children (meaning I manage occasionally to keep my mouth shut) and a wonderful grandmother--at least my grandchildren are still young enough to think so.

I am opinionated and my children are tired of hearing my opinions, hence I enjoy ivillage where I get to meet wonderful strong, smart young women and sometimes share a perspective that might be useful.

Ever since becoming a grandmother, I believe my job in this world is to dispense and receive as many hugs as possible.

So hugs to all of you.

Grandma J

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Tue, 01-06-2004 - 9:06pm
Christi (28) SAHM (soon to be WAHM, when I acquire renters for our current house) to DS (2 on the 30th), wife to DH (32). We've been married six and a half years. Can't wait to start TTC #2, but have to wait until 5-3 b/c of recent elective surgery (I know, waaaaay TMI).

I'm going to be really, really scarce the next couple of weeks while this whole move thing gets underway. ACK!

Does anyone want a vacation in frigid STL? I'll let you in from the cold if pack up my house for me!!!! Anyone? How 'bout painting? Anyone want to paint some furniture? Anyone?


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Tue, 01-06-2004 - 11:47pm

I'm new to the board, so here goes.

I've mostly been a SAHM for the past five years, although I've had a couple of part time jobs and one full year of full time employment during that period, too.

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Wed, 01-07-2004 - 12:20am

My name is Ana and I am a WOH mom of two kids...a two year old and a three month old. I've been married to my DH


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Wed, 01-07-2004 - 9:31am
I am Katje.I have been married to DH (Weird Dave From Tech Support) for 18 years. We have two human (sort of) boys and two cat boys. Number One Son will be 17 in October. No. 2 Son will be 13 in May. Cat 1 is 19 (had him longer than DH!) and Cat 2 is 12. I am a lawyer and work FT for the U.S. govt. I started out as a "have to" WOHM. Now that my kids are big and that retirement acct. is growing I'm a "want to" WOHM--most days. Never having been a SAHM, I sometimes suffer from "grass is greener" syndrome.

I grew up as what we used to call "hillbillies" but now politely refer to as the "rural poor." The boys are ice hockey fanatics which DH finds inexplicable (he's a native Marylander.) He accuses me of infiltrating their minds with Yankee ways.


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Wed, 01-07-2004 - 9:42am

No, you can't be married to weird Dave .. I'm *dating* Weird Dave.

I even read slim's post to bf last night ... told him it fit him to a T. He agreed. Says he wears his "King of the Dorks" crown proudly.

Choose your friends by their character and your socks by their color.  Choosing your socks by their character makes no sense and choosing your friends by their color is unthinkable.

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Wed, 01-07-2004 - 12:39pm
I'm Lois, late forties, married 14 years as of yesterday, and mother of a son born in 1992, and another son born in 1996. Our household also contains one standard poodle, two cats, two parakeets, some fish, and some snails. I grew up in a military family, spending long periods of time around Washington DC in my elementary years, California in my jr high years, and Japan in my high school years. College, grad school and first teaching job in California, then DH and I landed academic jobs in the same university in the midwest and we relocated. I teach history at the university level -- medieval and late Roman Empire, specialties history of Christianity, history of the family, and the Anglo-Norman Empire. Am in the middle of a big project on Anglo-Norman queenship. I work full time, but very flexible hours.
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Wed, 01-07-2004 - 1:59pm
Oh stop it!

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Wed, 01-07-2004 - 5:11pm

Usually its "Ohhhhh. mmmmmm. Yeah. Mmmmm. Oh God! Yes! Yes! now! YES! YES! YES! *sigh* That was great."

Choose your friends by their character and your socks by their color.  Choosing your socks by their character makes no sense and choosing your friends by their color is unthinkable.