How is everyone doing on their New Ye...

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How is everyone doing on their New Ye...
Wed, 01-21-2004 - 12:22pm

How is everyone doing on their New Year Resolution?

  • I am sticking to it like a champ...
  • It was fun for the first week...
  • I am over it...
  • Resolution? I thought you said Revolution! No wonder a bunch of G-men follow me!

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Wed, 01-21-2004 - 1:58pm
My first resolution has been met, organize my paperwork for filing taxes.


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Wed, 01-21-2004 - 2:55pm
My resolution was to go back to Weight Watchers and get back in the swing of getting the weight off. I had lost 52 pounds about 3-4 years ago. I've gained a lot of it back so I vowed to get back to the meetings and start the program again. I'm determined to get this weight off once and for all. I had stopped going to the meetings because of DH's busy schedule and got back into some very bad habits. I joined with my friend last night.
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Wed, 01-21-2004 - 11:53pm
Hey if going to meetings becomes a hassle, you could always check out the online group. I joined online last year, and it was very helpful. I'm not a *meeting* person, so it worked out great for me.



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