I have a question about VA Home Loans

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I have a question about VA Home Loans
Wed, 02-04-2004 - 11:15pm

DH has said he'd like me to look into a VA Home Loan that we would use to purchase the home we're currently renting.



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Mon, 02-16-2004 - 5:25pm
All I said was that it would be nice if we could use the benefit, but we can't if we want to remain in our area because homes are too expensive.

I don't understand how you can interperate that as underhanded. Negative - ok, I can see that. I do feel a little negative about home prices here.

Did you take my comment as some sort of personal jab? If so, I can assure you that it was not intended as such.

To give you an idea of home prices here:

My husband and I looked at a house the other day. It was a 74 year old, 650 sq ft single family home with 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, and a 2 car garage. It is in a decent neighborhood. The house needs a lot of work - new windows and a new roof right away (you could see the sky from inside the garage). The electrical needs to be upgraded, all of the flooring replaced, and most of the kitchen cabinets and drawers are non-functional. And of course, the plumbing is old. Basically, the house is uninhabitable in it's current state. This house was listed at $330K. I doubt they will get that much for it, I suspect it will sell for probably $300K.

We looked at another house. This one is about 60 years old and in pretty good shape. It's got 3 bedrooms, 1 1/2 baths, and a 2 car garage. It needs bunches of cosmetic work and could use a new roof and windows, but the need is not iminent. It's in a decent neightborhood, but the property is almost right up against a major highway - the highway is right behind the homes across the street from these houses. There is a sound wall, so that's not a big issue. The big issue is that across the highway is an international airport. This house was listed for $399K and the sale in now pending.