I know Kristi posted this a few weeks

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I know Kristi posted this a few weeks
Fri, 11-07-2003 - 9:24pm
ago, but does anyone have any experience w/speech therapy? DS was evaluated today and while he wasn't scored, she said she thought he'd qualify for services. I'm just looking for someone who has BTDT! TIA--Christi
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Mon, 11-10-2003 - 6:39pm
I have BTDT. DD (now 3.7) was seen as having an expressive speech delay. She got speech therapy starting last January and continuing through the summer. Now she is in "speech preschool" where there is a speech therapist on site.

Her first 3 months of speech therapy happened at our house (because she wasn't yet 3, so qualified for the at-home visits) and seemed to consist of a very stylized way of speaking to her. I can't describe it exactly, but it's worthwhile listening in on some of your child's speech lessons because then you can see:

1)does your child LIKE the therapist? Without that, he won't be motivated to (try to) engage in conversation with the ST.

2)what things ddoes the ST do that you can do also? It all depends on what your ds's problem is, but there are probably things you can do that are the same as the ST. Since dd has an expressive delay, the ST method I copied was the "add a word" technique. Whenever dd said something, the ST would incorporate it into a slightly longer phrase of her own. If dd said "ball", the ST rolled the ball around and said "red ball".

DD is progressing nicely. Hope you get a good ST.

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Thu, 11-13-2003 - 4:22pm
not sure what btdt is but i do have a neice who has been going to speech therapy for the past 3 years. what questions i can't answer for you, i can ask my sister and we can go from there...

good luck, jonnie