I'm an idiot and you can help!

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I'm an idiot and you can help!
Fri, 09-04-2009 - 9:07pm

I'm posting this here because this board is full of smart people and you were helpful with my book question. Yeah, it's OT.

We have a private well. The water is very hard, full of minerals and things that are good for human beings but bad for plumbing. We also have a high sodium level, which isn't good for anything. To deal with the plumbing issue, we installed a water softener that uses potassium. Thanks to a shortage of potassium chloride, we have to use sodium in the softener (mfr says this is fine), increasing our already high sodium levels.

For years, we bought bottled water from Poland Spring, but their carboys (jugs) are the ones with BPA in them, which our state is phasing out, so we cancelled. That left us with rather nasty water.

So here's the idiot part: I went to Target and got some Brita water filtering stuff. Well, guess what? Brita filters out loads of stuff we don't have, like chlorine, lead, certain bacteria. Reading labels can be helpful, I've discovered. So our water is still nasty. (And although Brita denies it, I'm pretty sure their tank has BPA in it.)

What we need is a reverse osmosis filter, but I don't want to replace our faucet with an RO faucet because we don't need RO water to do dishes, wash hands, etc. (Our water pressure is low enough as it is. My kids would never do dishes again if we had a faucet that simply spat rather than ran.) And I don't want to drill another hole in the granite and put in a separate faucet 'cuz that just wouldn't be pretty.

So, people, what are my options? Is there an above-counter RO contraption that isn't ugly? Or is there a faucet that switches back and forth between RO and regular tap water?

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Fri, 09-04-2009 - 9:44pm

We have a RO system. We have two faucets on our kitchen sink, the regular one that we use for dishes etc and the RO one we use for cooking/drinking water.

The regular faucet is in the normal place in the middle of the sink and the RO one off to the side where many sinks have a sprayer.

This is similar to what we have:


Where the sprayer is in the picture we have an additiona faucet.

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Sat, 09-05-2009 - 11:08am

The reason why it shouldn't share the same faucet is because the flow from the dedicated tank is going to be only .5gpm vs 2gpm from a regular kitchen faucet.

IMO, Over the counter RO systems are by far- uglier than the extra thin faucet for the water filter. (We own the Kennmore RO under the sink filter system, our countertops are black stone and it doesn't look ugly) In fact, you can match it to your existing faucet- they come in different colors/finishes.



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Sat, 09-05-2009 - 11:58am
Why would a separate faucet not be pretty? I put in a smaller faucet for the rev os water and it looks fine, five inches away from the larger one. They have all kinds of faucets to match your larger one. Ours is satin nickel and looks great. Our reverse osmosis unit is under the floor in the crawl space because there isn't enough space for it under the sink. We also had ours hooked up to our refrigerator so our ice is made of the reverse osmosis water. Call your local water conditioning service and let them suggest a system for you. They have great ideas.
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Mon, 09-07-2009 - 2:45pm

That's just what we did. We have a small faucet/spigot to the left of our regular faucet but our tank does fit under the sink. We also have it hooked up to our refrigerator so that we can have cold drinking water as well as ice. I use the spigot by the sink for rinsing produce and for filling pots when I'm cooking things like potatoes/pasta/steaming veggies/etc.

Ours is similar to this one and are pretty common in kitchens where I live:


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Tue, 09-08-2009 - 5:17pm
I like that design and I especially like the price. If I'm going to have to pay $$ to get the new hole drilled and for the ro system, I'd like to have some part of it be inexpensive!
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Thu, 09-10-2009 - 12:54pm

alot of good advice.