Marriage equality argument

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Marriage equality argument
Tue, 03-26-2013 - 8:21pm

So the sole argument against marriage equality is that marriage is for procreation? Where exactly does that leave menopausal women? Or men with ED? Or the infertile? 

I can not believe we are STILL having this discussion in 2013. I have noticed that it is generational though--many of boomers I know are against it. Gen Xers like myself and younger are generally in favor...

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Mon, 04-01-2013 - 2:45pm
Thumbs up, Bea. :)
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Mon, 04-01-2013 - 4:08pm

BeaArthurisMyReligion wrote:
<p>but leaving it up to the states does exactly zero with regards to the benefits and rights that straight couples have under Federal law that I don't have...but these cases are good steps forward and I do believe a sea change is starting to occurr...and they have certainly shed a light on the sheer legal inequality between gay married couples and straight married couples and started a dialogue that is definitely to the good. Even one of my own coworkers was stunned when I told her I have to file 'single' on my taxes each year.. she assumed since we were married in a state with marriage equality on the books that it meant we were married in the eyes of the Federal government too... every one of these conversations I have had has been so fulfilling... one person at a time, one dialogue at a time.. and change happens...</p>

I agree, it is and should be a national issue.


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Mon, 04-01-2013 - 4:24pm

pumpkinangel wrote:
That is what I don't understand.  I know many here are adovatces of a sahp and unless one is independently weatlhy, there is a very real dependence on the working married spouse in the sahp household.

I guess it's only "best" if you manage to have the right kind of spouse.