May Day Wednesday

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May Day Wednesday
Wed, 05-01-2013 - 9:36am

What plans lie ahead for May

Your kid comes home and says s/he wants to be homeschooled.  When you ask why she says because she doesn't like going to school anymore..  What do you do/say.....

If you were granted one wish what would it be



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Thu, 05-02-2013 - 12:27pm


I know I didn't ask for the list but I enjoyed reading your curriuclum and noticed that there were a few pieces here and there that were incorporated in my own child's education!  If you haven't been, I would highly recommend the Vicksburg battle site and tour.  We spent two days in the national park about 3 or so years ago and it was amazing.   


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Thu, 05-02-2013 - 12:08pm

Jams, answer continued


homeschool bowling league

homeschool skate

lap swim

volleyball class

youth bowling league

tennis lessons

breakdance class

Fine Art

Woodcarving class

K12 Intermdiate art class to accompnay history course, a mix of art history and hands on projects

Theater subscription for music appreciation and 3 other plays


Things I did not mention

He became an adequate touch typer 2 years ago 35 words a minute.  In 9th I will have him take different typing class to get that up to the 50s or 60s. His cursive is okay and his printing is delightful. He uses all 3 forms of writing for different assignments.

Technology is our weak area.  I am going to work on incorporating more assignments into power point and utilizing one note.  He is like me and prefers paper and pencil. 

Socially I have no concerns.  He has a great group of riends. he has ample time to hang out with them and it is easy to get a group of his friends together to attend drop in events like homeschool skate.     We have over 8 co-ops to chosse from if we want classes, and often times they are taught by people in that field.  There is a  thriving teen group that puts on dances and social events also.  He has been to one dance and a murder mystery and they were both a ton of fun. 



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Thu, 05-02-2013 - 11:50am

Jam, You asked about curriuclum.  My goal is not to duplicate what the school does.  My goal is to provide the best education for my son which means picking and choosing from a variety of curriculum providers which often means using more than one provider for each subject. 


Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra

Penrose the Mathematical Cat-to explore concepts and play with numbers

Mathematicians Are People Too volumes 1 and 2- the people behind the math are pretty fascinating

Guinness Book of Records math workbooks for extra word problem practice 


This year has been devoted to astonomy.  He is part of a local Astonromy Club -comprised of mostly men over 50, but passionate about astronomy and willing to share their knowlege.  While the montly meetings are lectures put on by guest speakers the dark site nights are hands on oportunites to use telescopes and star maps.  He was on track to become a key keeper for the observatory, but they are upgrading the telescope opticals and all training has been put on hold for now.  He also attended adult ed classs at the community college. The professor has been a great mentor. 

He also is part of a volunteer prairie restoration project through Fermi Lab which offers a unique belnd of service and educational opportunites.  His favorite opportuinity this year was working with a carbon sequestration expert chekcing prairie soils.  

 He did attend a 3 night sleep away camp in South Carolina learning about and experiencing their barrier island eco-systems.

Language Arts  

K12 Intermeidate English A and B ( we fluctaute through both courses)

BK English LAnguage handbook

Shurley English for grammar

Brave Writer dictation

Vocabulary from the Classical Roots 

Middle school boys literature group for book discussions- read and work at home, come together for the discussions and activities 

Compostion is provided by K12

I work the writing assignments to correlate with other subjects.  I find it more time effeicient and meaningful to be writing papers related to somethig he is learning. One example is the compare/contrast paper about Grant and Lee while he was studying the Civil War.  He also spent the year working on a CIvil War newspaper which was mix of journalism, creative writing, and historical ficiton wriitng.   This brings us to


DS is a giant history buff. This year most of his literature selections and writing assignments revolved around history-specifically the Civil War. We spent the year on that time period. 

Homeschool In the Woods Civil War lapbook was our starting point and kept is going in a chronoloigal order

I added in over 30+ books, a mix of nonfiction and historical ficiton

We watched 4 or 5 related movies and a few documetaries

We traveled to Charleston to visit Fort Sumter and other CIvil War sites.  We have a trip planned to Gettysburg this summer.  Later this month we will visit a few others on our way to from Atlanta. 

Veritas Press online Middle Ages History course- I did not research this one enough before buying and it is created by a 'bible should be interpreted literally' company. WhIle there is a definite slant, it has given a good background on chruch history that provides context for the crusades, papal schism, 100 years war etc.   

K12 World History A

He took a 7 week class given on Mesopotamia and Sumer given by a professor who works at a Chicago musem and leads arecheological digs to the area

He spent copious amounts of time reading about different periods of history and studying from the AP European History study guides in preparation for the local, regional ,and now National levels of the National Hisotry Bee, but that was mostly on his time not school time. 

I'm not done, but will post in case Ivillage decided to eat this...


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litlmiss_cantbewrong wrote:
<p>1.  May is always the busiest--dd1 bridging to Ambassador level in Girl Scouts.  Rehearsal/Recital weekend--busy busy!  Dd1 is in 3 classes &amp; is doing 4 dances in the recital.  Dd2 is in one class, one dance.  My nephew is graduating.  My aunt is visiting to see the dancing &amp; graduating.  School ends, so we'll get into summer mode.  I'm really planning on the snow to melt, it's getting ridiculous here.</p><p>2. There'd be plenty of discussion to see if it was a real problem or just a bad day.  If was a huge problem we'd try to help fix it.  Going to homeschooling to do that probably be unlikely.  Dd1 has actually expressed interest in going to a boarding school--not going to happen!</p><p>3.  5 billion dollars sounds about right.</p>

When I was in the 8th grade the class and I sat down with school people and talked about different catholic high schools in the area, One was a residential bording school that I remember telling my mom and dad I was interested in going to too, I think my mom was more open to the idea than dad, Lol but they were so expensive even then.  My class and I went different directons after 8th grade, Some of us went on to the catholic high schools while others entered public school. 



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Thu, 05-02-2013 - 3:28am
"Spinal Muscular Atrophy. It's what Joel has." --------- Definitely on the list then ;)
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Wed, 05-01-2013 - 9:30pm

Spinal Muscular Atrophy. It's what Joel has.

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"Dd1 has actually expressed interest in going to a boarding school--not going to happen!" --------- Really? I offered dd that option several times. She had no interest in going, it turned out, but I wanted her to understand that she was not obliged to stay home for our sakes.
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"Can you include SMA in your cures?" --------- Absolutely! What is it?
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jamblessedthree wrote:
<p>What plans lie ahead for May</p><p>Your kid comes home and says s/he wants to be homeschooled.  When you ask why she says because she doesn't like going to school anymore..  What do you do/say.....</p><p>If you were granted one wish what would it be</p>

5K with DD3  Sat morning. Ball game Sat night.   DDs coming for dinner on Sun. 

Memorial Weekends, 2nd Annual BBQ at a veterans organization we are active in, really looking forward to it, we missed it last year because we were on vacaton.

Tomorrow DH has appointment with oncologist.  Mid month DD1 has appointment with plastic surgeon and her weekly chemo treatments start.

We may make a trip up to Dallas to meet with a friend who lives in OK. When we met him 25 years ago he was a young lieutenant straight out of Officer's Training School. Now he is a colonel. Hope to meet up before he leaves to his next assignment later this year. 

At this point homeschooling is N/A.  But my kids would have never said that to me anyway. 

That cancer did not exist. 

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Wed, 05-01-2013 - 2:32pm

reginageorge2005 wrote:
<p style="font-size:13px">What plans lie ahead for May</p><p style="font-size:13px">Last day of school for the kids &amp; me, pool opens.</p><p style="font-size:13px">Your kid comes home and says s/he wants to be homeschooled.  When you ask why she says because she doesn't like going to school anymore..  What do you do/say.....</p><p style="font-size:13px">Sucks to be you. </p><p style="font-size:13px">If you were granted one wish what would it be</p><p style="font-size:13px">That my sister lived closer. My kids miss their cousins desperately.</p>


OH yeah! The pool opens!


And you could just move closer to your sister ... hint hint.

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