Meal plan for the week of 11/17:

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Meal plan for the week of 11/17:
Sun, 11-17-2013 - 8:28pm

SUN: Butternut squash gratin with blue cheese and sage, lemon-garlic pork roast, green beans

MON: Baked bbq drumsticks, cheesy ciabbatta bread, roasted Brussels sprouts with pancetta and shallots

TUES: Noodles with peanut sauce, edamame (dh and the kids - I'm having cocktails and apps with my staff)

WED: Spaghetti squash with browned butter and sage, braised pork chops

THURS: Kids and I are having popcorn at the movies - double feature of Hunger Games and Catching Fire

FRI and SAT: out - The Girl and I are going to Texas for a tour of UNT.

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