Need advice on work

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Need advice on work
Sat, 08-16-2003 - 1:29pm
Hi I am new to this site. I have been a stay at home mom for 4 years. I just recently had to get a job. How can I handle the transition. My dd has to go full time into daycare. My ds is in Head Start and has to go to dc after school. Any advice on how to ease into this? I have been looking forward to work but now am scared about being mom, wife, employee, maid, chef, laundry attendent etc.... Anyone out there can help?
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Mon, 08-18-2003 - 8:34pm
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Tue, 08-19-2003 - 11:40am
I would visit the daycare with your dd a few times before she starts fulltime. I did that with my DS.

Yes, and your DH will have to help out more.

Everything will work out ok. Also see the posts above about daycare. The ladies have posted good tips on finding good daycare.