Offshoot of the vacation question below

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Offshoot of the vacation question below
Fri, 01-09-2004 - 7:36pm
Do any of you in dual working families have problems coordinating vacation time together?

We don't have too much of a problem.

July is my busiest time so I can't take vacation then. But any other time I want vacation I just put it on the calender and let my boss know few days before.

It is a little trickier for DH. His vacation has to be planned around projects and also when other people will be out (first come first serve). If he asks for the vacation time early enough then sometimes they can schedule projects around him rather then us having to schedule vacation around projects. So we have to plan out our vacation time within the first couple of week of January (especially if we want to take during a prime time like spring break).

There has only been one time when it was an issue. We had planned our vacation for the first week of August. Then he got scheduled to take a class that week so we had to move our vacation to the last week of July. Luckily my boss did not hold me to the no vacation in July rule.


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Sat, 01-10-2004 - 7:27am
We don't so much have a problem coordinating our vacation together as have a problem coordinating our vacation with the school schedule. The afterschool care is closed during the entire month of July so one or both of us has to take that month off every year. The last couple of summers we scheduled some time together but a few weeks each alone with the kids as well to cover most of the summer. From the work side of things we can both pretty well take vacation when we want, but it is better to take vacation over the summer break, Christmas break or Easter break as it interrupts other people's work least in the case of extended (more than 1 week) vacations. Shorter (like 4 day weekend vacations) are completely fine any tme.


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Sat, 01-10-2004 - 8:45am
No problem ... I take vacation time whenever I want because I operate my own business.


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Sat, 01-10-2004 - 11:48am

SAHM now, but I worked the first five years of our marriage.

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Sat, 01-10-2004 - 2:22pm
generally not a problem here, i have 3 weeks during the school year and 10 weeks over the summer. i pick the summer vacation week and tell him which days to sign up for. the only thing he needs to do is to check with his partner.


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Sat, 01-10-2004 - 2:47pm

Now that both boys are in school full time we plan our vacations around school holidays.


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Sun, 01-11-2004 - 1:13pm
Never been a big problem here. I only woh pt and can get time off pretty much when I need/want to. Plus I am always off for the month of January. Dh gets 4-5 paid weeks a year, and can also get unpaid time off pretty much when he wants.

Actually, not having 2 woh ft parents makes travel planning much easier. We consider it one of the perks.



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Sun, 01-11-2004 - 3:16pm
Not really. DH just needs to know way in advance. Since he's a dentist and he makes appointments months in advance, we have to plan a week off together at least six months ahead of schedule. I've never had a problem getting the week I want, so we just need to schedule DH's week(s) off.
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Mon, 01-12-2004 - 10:11am
Both of us have very flexible bosses. The only problem we have is that I get way more vacation than he we always have to make sure not to use up his days. But with me having kids every other year, my vacation goes to maternity leave anyway!


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Mon, 01-12-2004 - 10:19am

"Do any of you in dual working families have problems coordinating vacation time together?"

Not in the sense of not being permitted to take vacations at the same time - more as a result of workload.

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Mon, 01-12-2004 - 5:48pm
We both have the same amount of vacation days (15) but he has many more holidays. He gets the day after Thanksgiving and a week at Christmas off as holidays. I have to use vacation days for them.