Oppositional defiant disorder

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Oppositional defiant disorder
Sat, 01-02-2010 - 7:48pm
Wondered if anyone has had personal experience with this?
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Sun, 01-03-2010 - 2:40am

I would think there is a support board for this disorder where you could find help with any questions you might have.

ETA: Maybe this will help: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/oppositional-defiant-disorder/DS00630


Good luck!

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Sun, 01-03-2010 - 6:40am

no personal experience but googled adn found this link too re: symptoms, tips, etc.


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Sun, 01-03-2010 - 9:11am
Thanks :--)
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Mon, 01-04-2010 - 11:52am

Never heard of it....sorry.


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Mon, 01-04-2010 - 1:57pm

Hi, Frogslippers --

I have a little bit of experience with ODD myself, as I have a son on the autism spectrum and ODD gets tossed around a lot in conjunction with that. A person doesn't have to have autism or anything else to have ODD, but parents dealing with kids with autism, bipolar disorder, developmental delay, and other related things often see ODD as a co-morbid (concurrent) diagnosis. Here's a few boards where you'll likely find those parents who might have experience. We don't have a board specifically for ODD, but there are parents out there who can understand. I'd probably start with the last two links but any of these boards will be a good place to visit for support and information.






Good luck to you! I know how scary all these initials and labels can be, but please do post for help.


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Mon, 01-04-2010 - 3:42pm

You could check the ADD/ADHD board as many children with these also have a tendency to be ODD. I know two families personally who have experience with teens and ODD... very very difficult.

Take care,

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Mon, 01-04-2010 - 4:50pm
Thanks so much :)
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Mon, 01-04-2010 - 4:51pm
Thanks so much :)