OT Women & Sex - Am I old-fashioned?

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OT Women & Sex - Am I old-fashioned?
Wed, 05-26-2004 - 8:39pm

This article appeared in the Style section of the Washington Post on Saturday.


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Wed, 05-26-2004 - 8:50pm

The only people that know my number iare God and me. I have never discussed it with anyone else. I'll discuss other sexual topics but not "the number."

These women have too much time. Taking notes on the guys? Analyzing it and over analyzing it? Volunteer or work at a 24 hour daycare or something.

You aren't old fashioned at all. I have discovered quite a traditional streak in me considering that I had a child out of wedlock and have

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Wed, 05-26-2004 - 9:14pm

LOL, we sound a lot alike minus the tatoo and the out of wedlock child (though my brother had one, child that is, - does that count ).

I think what struck me is that these women seemed to be bragging about it.

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Thu, 05-27-2004 - 1:05am
I think it's weird.. but guys do it all the time, and always have.
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Thu, 05-27-2004 - 7:35am
When something is discovered during the course of a new study it doesn't imply the something is new.

I knew a few girls like this. I'm sure my Mother and Grandmother did as well. I'm not terribly surprised that when researchers canvassed campuses looking for the type...they found them.

I found this interesting


Well...um...I'm sure most adults of any age would rather throw themselves in front of a truck than HEAR their parents talk in depth about sex and romance. At some point in my preteen or teen or adult life, can't remember where, it occurred to me there were facets of my parents existence I would never ever be made aware of. Thankfully. Not that these things didn't exist for them, or were never discussed by them. Just. Thankfully. NOT WITH ME. Doesn't everyone figure this out sooner or later? Girls have been wispering and giggling about personal details of sex and romance forever and boys have been trying as hard as they can to pretend girls don't giggle about such serious matters. FOREVER. Some girls have always done it to a much greater extent than most.

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Thu, 05-27-2004 - 11:55am
I wouldn't call you old fashioned, I would say that you value your sex life.
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Thu, 05-27-2004 - 12:03pm
I guess I think it's normal to know your number.

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Thu, 05-27-2004 - 12:28pm
No one knows my number either!!! Thats top secret and I'm taking it to my grave!!!


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Thu, 05-27-2004 - 12:37pm
I totally agree with you. I *do* know Beth Ann's number, but I don't think she knows mine. I don't know any of my friends' numbers, nor do I want to know. And I have not shared mine with them.
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Thu, 05-27-2004 - 2:47pm
I think I shared my number with galfriends in college, I can't really remember. We didn't obsess about it but we did talk.

My DH and I shared our numbers the first day we met. It was our first day at law school, we were both incredibly drunk, and the subject just came up. I'm neither proud nor embarassed by this - it's just something that happened.

Interestingly enough, we had the same number.

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Thu, 05-27-2004 - 3:10pm
Hell, I think everyone in the Western Hemisphere knows my number ...

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