Parenting Poll (m)

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Parenting Poll (m)
Mon, 05-19-2003 - 3:57pm
1. At what age did your child(ren) try solid foods? At what age were they eating most types of solids?

2. Did/do you practice attachment parenting or any other parenting philosophy with a formal name?

3. At what age did or would you (and your spouse, if applicable) leave your child(ren) overnight?

4. Do/did your children get an allowance? Beginning at what age, and how much?

5. How old were/will your children be when you allow them to play in their rooms or elsewhere in your house/yard for short periods unsupervised?

6. At what age did your children sleep through the night regularly?

There is no "overall point" to this, I'm just curious.

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Tue, 05-27-2003 - 1:55pm
You are right about that one- whatever issue is timely for you is the 'big one' I remember when such milestones were oh so important. I was totally crushed when the parents as teachers evaluation told me my dd was 2nd percentile for gross motor at age 3. Ds not interested in potty training at 2 1/2 had me in a fit of concern. Now I look back on those things and laugh at how I was so obsessed. NOw I wrestle with finding shorts that cover dd's rear end and no writing there, getting the right IEP for my son's reading disability, and comforting them, and saying the right things over dd's loss for student council elections and Ds's 4th place finish at a chess tourney (trophies go to 1-3rd place and his best friend, a chess prodigy has an entire trophy case-ds's best finish has been 4th) Were the previous concerns more trivial-well not for me while I was going through them-but wish things were still as simple!