Parents want child with peanut allergy removed from school !

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Parents want child with peanut allergy removed from school !
Thu, 03-24-2011 - 8:56am

As more kids are diagnosed with food allergies, more schools are faced with figuring out how to deal with students who require a special environment. Should schools be expected to inconvenience all students when only one of them has a severe peanut allergy? This debate is currently playing out at a school in Florida...

A 6-year-old girl at a school in Florida has a peanut allergy so severe that she could have a reaction if she were to breath traces of nut dust in the air. Her elementary school in Edgewater, Fl., has taken extraordinary measures to accommodate her.

All students are now required to wash their hands and rinse out their mouths before stepping inside the classroom. Desks must be regularly wiped down with Clorox wipes. School administrators have banned all peanut products and snacks are no longer allowed in the class. Earlier this month, a peanut-sniffing dog walked through the school to make sure everyone is following the rules.... read more:

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no peanut allergies, when DS was younger we thought he might have been allergic to cocoa or chocolate, one bite of anything chocolate resulted in rosey cheeks and little face bumps.


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That child has just as much a right to free and public education as the rest of those students.

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I saw this on the today show this morning--I didn't read this article here, so I assuming it is the same.

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One of the kids in my son's daycare class has a severe peanut allergy. Sometimes it's annoying, because it means I can't send in homemade snacks for class parties and such. But really? In contest between my preference to send in home-baked goodies vs. a life threatening allergy, the life-threatening allergy wins out every time. Those parents need to find something else to complain about.
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Thu, 03-24-2011 - 4:06pm

This is about the third time I have had occasion to ask this question today.

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I have a slightly different take on this. I have a

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Very good points.