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Since social welfare programs and living a bare bones existence have come up at various points lately, I thought I would post this from the NYT on recent poverty figures int he US.

Rising Poverty and the Social Safety Net

One in seven residents of the United States lived in poverty in 2009, the Census Bureau reported on Thursday, the highest level since 1994. Of the 44 million people living under the poverty line -- an increase of 4 million over 2008 -- one in five were children.

Some economists and social welfare experts said that unemployment insurance and other aid kept the number from going even higher. Government benefits like food stamps and tax credits, which can provide thousands of dollars in extra income in some cases, were not included in calculating whether a family’s income fell below or above the poverty line ($22,050 for a family of four).

How should we interpret the poverty figures, and what should government's response be? What is the state of the American safety net?

At this link, various experts discuss the above:

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I was sort of thinking we ought to get polka dots and flipflops on this hungry children thing. She sounds like she cooks enough in a week to feed a family of hungry children for a year.
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She disappeared.....