Road trip Questions

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Road trip Questions
Tue, 06-24-2014 - 9:20am

Road rules, Do you have any when you travel

Do you take meal breaks when you travel or do you eat in the car

DVD, Iphone/pod, radio, other for entertainment

Who drives, Do you take turns

How far is/was the longest road trip you've taken




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Tue, 06-24-2014 - 6:28pm
I should add that when we go on road trips our dog goes with us, And when we take bathroom breaks he does too. I guess you could it a rule that he be walked around but somebody usually volunteers to take him for a bathroom break, Lol.



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Tue, 06-24-2014 - 6:34pm

jamblessedthree wrote:
<p>Road rules, Do you have any when you travel</p><p>Do you take meal breaks when you travel or do you eat in the car</p><p>DVD, Iphone/pod, radio, other for entertainment</p><p>Who drives, Do you take turns</p><p><span>How far is/was the longest road trip you've taken</span></p>

The driver has control over the radio.

Meal breaks

Read, talk.  DH does not like the radio when driving so I listen to my i-pod.

DH drives.

For a one way trip when  we moved from North Dakota to Florida,   1638 miles.  For a round trip,  Florida to Michigan and back 2066.

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Tue, 06-24-2014 - 7:52pm

bordwithyou wrote:
<p>My kid just reminded me of a rule we use to have:  When we stop for gas, everybody goes to the bathroom.  no arguing about whether you "have to go."  You have to go.</p>

Ah, I forgot we do have that rule too, so we do have one hard and fast rule...everyone goes to the bathroom when we stop.


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Thu, 06-26-2014 - 3:42pm

Road rules? Why, yes. DH books the flights and rents the car, I make the hotel reservations and get dining recs from Chowhound.

Meal breaks? Breakfast at the hotel or B&B, lunch is a picnic, dinner at a restaurant.

Radio and conversation, singing, word game.

Dh drives the car he rented.

The longest road trip I ever took gave me PTSD. It was a cross-country trek in the summer of 1975 with my parents and us four kids that involved a flat tire, a broken water pump, food poisoning, a bad-tempered dad, the confiscation of a "FILTHY" book I was reading (Jaws--it really was too dirty for a 12 year old), and lots of fighting. It was so horrific that after we attended my uncle's wedding in Alabama, my dad booked us all flights back to Seattle and drove the car all the way back himself.

My rule as an adult is that if the destination is more than 6 hours away, we fly. We may drive around for more than 6 hours on a given day, but only because we are sightseeing at the destination. Even the very phrase "road trip" is synonymous with "stuff people do when they get to Hell."

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Thu, 06-26-2014 - 4:00pm

Ha!  I read Jaws at age 12, also.  And you're right about the dirtiness.  Surprised