Sanctimommies: I only wish I'd thought of it!

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Sanctimommies: I only wish I'd thought of it!
Tue, 03-05-2013 - 7:30am

A friend from elsewhere in teh webz send me this link for a Facebook page called Sanctimommy.  It's a total satire of the Mommy Wars and hilarious.

If you find yourself pining for the debates of yore, there's a little something there for everybody.

For example, yesterday's thread starts out "I really admire how you use the time while your kids are in school to do Pilates. I personally would hate to give up my gardening and volunteering in the kids' classroom...but I guess not everyone has my crazy metabolism, too."  And the last post in that thread ends with, "My child is 349 months old and a singleton as I could never give him less than the full one on one attention he deserves, how could you homeschool more than one child at a time? A constant stream of feedback requires an adult's full attention. We enjoy breastfeeding on demand, of course."

LOL, just some truly brilliant bits :)



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Also check out STFU Parents and her awesome column at Mommyish.

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LOL, the Pilates one is a truly masterful example of passive-aggressive snarkobitchiness. So glad my kid is all "growed" up.
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Saw that on FB (maybe yours even?) this morning. Liked the page. It's great.

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