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Sleepy Fluff
Mon, 02-07-2011 - 11:16am

1) What has been your children's bedtimes?


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Mon, 02-07-2011 - 4:37pm

We put the kids to bed around 7pm.

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1. On school nights, it's 8:45 for the 8th grader and 9:30-9:45 for the 5th grader. On the weekends, they go to bed at 9:30-10:00. 2. Dd1 gets up on her own (uses an alarm clock); I have to wake dd2. 3. Dd1 (MS), starts at 7:30 (she leaves the house at 6:15 to catch a 6:25 bus). Dd2 (elementary) starts at 9. 4. Dd1 is almost 14 and needs 9 to 9.5 hrs; dd2 is 11 and needs 10.5-11 hrs. 5. I don't know how much homework dd1 has--maybe an hour a day, but it's hard to say because she's pretty creative about when she gets it done, and it seems to depend on the day (and the week). Dd2 gets homework once a week--usually math worksheets and an essay--I'd say it takes her 1to 2 hours a week, plus she is supposed to read 40 minutes a day. 6. My 5th grader has PE every day; my 8th grader goes to an arts magnet school where there's no PE.
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1) What has been your children's bedtimes? How has it changed as they have aged?

When DD was a toddler, she stayed up late with DH and slept in. Once she started daycare, she stared going to bed earlier. Right now, we try to have her in bed between 8 and 8:30. If she's taken a nap, it takes her a long time to fall asleep some nights. I try to put DS to bed between 7 and 7:30.

2) What time do your children wake up on their own? Do they have to be woken up for school?

They usually wake up some time between 6:30 and 7:30. Sometimes they have to be woken up, but usually they get up on their own-- usually because they hear me getting ready for work.

3) What time does your elementary school start? Middle School? High School?

DS goes to daycare, and DD goes to Pre-K (at the same place). They have to be there by 8:30, if they want to eat breakfast there. If I'm dropping them off, we leave the house at 7:30, they get there between 7:30 and 8. If DH is dropping them off, they leave between 8 and 8:15 and get there between 8:15 and 8:30.

4) How much sleep have your children needed, at what ages?

DD (4) doesn't want to sleep. Ever. But she sleeps about 11-12 hours a day. On days she naps, it takes her a very long time to go to sleep at night. If she doesn't nap though, she has a meltdown at about 5pm. DS (2) is very content to go to sleep-- as long as he is in his bed. He sleeps 12-14 hours a day.

5) How much homework do your children have? Elementary School? Middle School? High School?

DD has had a couple of homework assignments in PreK. I don't think she should have any, but it's mostly stuff she thinks is somewhat fun at least.

6) How much PE do your children have in school?

DD's class goes to the gym every morning for an hour or so, and then both of the kids go to the gym from about 3pm until we pick them up between 3:30 and 4:30.
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