Student Could Be Kicked Out of School For Reporting Rape

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Student Could Be Kicked Out of School For Reporting Rape
Thu, 02-28-2013 - 2:07pm

I first read about this story yesterday, and was just amazed that there is still pressure on women to keep quiet about being raped.  UNC student, Landen Gambill, has been charged with violating the school's honor code with "disruptive and intimidating behavior" toward her alleged rapist.   This arised from being outspoken on campus about her rape and how it was handled, even though she has never publicly named her alleged rapist (an ex-boyfriend).  She has also joined in a complaint with the US Dept of Education  with three other students and a former UNC dean of students against the university.  

UNC’s official policy states “rape victims can choose whether to report the rape to police or take it to a student-run Honor Court” to present their case to the Student Attorneys General. Wait, so college students whose law degrees are still, like, 17 semesters and three years of law school away, get to play judge, jury and executioner with people they already know? What could possibly go wrong?  

This: UNC’s school's Honor Court decided that Gambill was emotionally unstable (she’d tried to kill herself during the course of the abusive relationship) and that she was lying about her ex-boyfriend. And they pressured her not to press charges with local authorities.   

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Here is another article from ABC News where she says that she was told that she could be violating honor code just by saying she was raped.  

What do you think of the university honor code system, should student run courts be allowed to rule on these types of complaints?  What are your thoughts on how UNC has handled this case?

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I think it's unconscionable what the university is doing to her (and has done to others).



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