Taking vacation time

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Taking vacation time
Sat, 05-28-2011 - 4:49pm

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When I worked at a job where I accrued vacation time and comp time, I almost always had a balance of saved up days. I would usually save up for two years and then take a month off to travel. Now I work at a job where I am only on a nine month contract, so I have three weeks in December/January, one week in May, and all of June and July for which I am not paid. Funny thing is though, if anyone in my position did not use most of that time for research and writing, that person could not possibly do the job. I work reduced hours in the summer, but the idea that it is "free time" just because I am not getting paid for it, is a lame joke.
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The last proper job I had, many years ago, lower level staff could take the one week they were entitled to by law, unpaid, but it was frowned upon. Basically you were considered a disloyal employee if you insisted on it. Management was entitled to one week paid vacation, and that was usually accepted in the spirit of "look how good we are to you!"

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I earn 22 vacation days a year. I also have 8-10 days off between Christmas and New Year's.

I'm currently sitting with 259 hours of accrued vacation time - 32 days.

I haven't taken more than 2 days in a row off in about 18 months. Just too busy to do it, and broke enough that we can't afford a real vacation.

I take my vacatin days in dribbles. I took last Friday off. I'm off this Wednesday. I'm off next Tuesday. I'll be off one Monday at the end of June.

My staff, otoh, do take 4-6 days off in a row a couple of times a year.

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I take my vacation time.



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DH has a fixed number of vacation days (weeks) a year, i can only think of one straight week he takes.


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When I started working at this company, we were able to roll over vacation, and I always rolled the maximum number of days.

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DH gets 5 weeks.