Waaaaaay OT....

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Waaaaaay OT....
Wed, 02-04-2004 - 1:45pm
For those of you w/o cleaning ladies--how often do you do vacuum cleaner maintence? I replaced the belt, bag, and filters today and that thing is running like new. I'm really good about replacing the bag and belt frequently, but not so good about replacing filters.

I told you it was OT--but I'm just curious (and not in the mood for anything heavy)!


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Wed, 02-04-2004 - 2:03pm
Well I am quite hard on vacuum cleaners. I just got a new one for christmas, and it is *SO* nice. Never thought I'd see the day I was so excited over a vacuum cleaner, lol. My old one, I replaced filter and belts every 6 months or so. We always have a menagerie of animals around this house, so I usually vacuum at least 2x a week (I really should 3-4x but dont). I'd only had my last vacuum for a couple years, and even with replacing belts and filters it just wasnt working that well anymore-I gave it to my dad, he has no pets and only needs to vacuum once a week or so, so it will prob last him awhile!



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Wed, 02-04-2004 - 7:53pm
Ummm, I've had my vacuum cleaner for 18 months or so and I have never replaced the belt or the filter. It is bagless and I lost the rubbery liner thingy that helped keep a better seal around the canister. So needless to say, it works like crap and I hate it. I am just waiting until I can justify buying a new one. (I want one of those Dyson's, preferably the ones they sell in Europe.) I had no idea how much I would hate the whole bagless concept. I drop about 1/3 of the canister on the floor every time I try to empty it.

Good news is that now half my house is hardwood floors and the effectiveness of the vacuum cleaner doesn't matter as much.

In college I repaired the apartment vacuum cleaner every time I used it (once a month.) I was almost ready to switch my major to industrial or mechanical engineering, I got so good at it!

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Thu, 02-05-2004 - 6:48am
Funny you should bring this up now. In our house, DH rules the vaccuum. Any chore that involves a noisy power device is his.

We have a Hoover that does a great job with boy and cat debris, and DH likes to give it a check-up after the annual Xtreme Pine Needle Challenge. He just replaced the belt for the self-propel mechanism and replaced the filters. As you say, it runs like new. DH is good about the checking the bags and replacing them, which is usually treated as a major engineering project about which I must hear every detail.


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Thu, 02-05-2004 - 10:48am

You know I would love to participate in this discussion, but I have no clue what kind of vacuum we even have, let alone the maintenance on it.