What about Avatar...

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What about Avatar...
Mon, 03-08-2010 - 12:19pm

I suspect it was because Avatar's



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Tue, 03-09-2010 - 9:09pm


no reason to sue you.

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Tue, 03-09-2010 - 9:54pm

Clearly. My post clearly expressed my opinion and made absolutely no comment regarding what others should do. That part of "my" post? Was all you. I feel no obligation to give people permission to see any given movie--I'm not quite that arrogant to suppose they need it. Or care. Particularly a full 10 years after the fact.

I'm sure I love movies that many other people would never in their lifetime be interested in watching. so what?



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Wed, 03-10-2010 - 6:40am

then he dumped linda hamilton....

I just am not a fan of him...and I really resented when Titanic cam eout and everyone was all squee over it that I was told I was cold and unfeeling b/c I didn't love it...

whatevs LOL

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Wed, 03-10-2010 - 6:51am

Hey, you and me, we can be all unfeeling and cold together, especially if you pony up a decent Shiraz on the deck, lol.

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Tue, 03-16-2010 - 6:19am

I really liked Avatar, but not for a second did I expect it to win the Oscar.

I did think District 9 might have done it though.

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