What the *heck* is co-sleeping?

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What the *heck* is co-sleeping?
Fri, 04-25-2003 - 10:59am
I've read it bunches of times, but I have no idea what it is... well I have a small idea, but if it means the kids sleep in your bed with you, when the heck do you have sex?


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Mon, 05-26-2003 - 12:08pm
Just love to cuddle up to my darling kids in the same bed, have done now for 13 years and still got a great sex life with my man tho' not at the same time, gotta be creative, but we're happy and it works. In our home everyone feels loved and never alone, we love sleeping together and snuggling close.
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Mon, 05-26-2003 - 3:29pm
I have three children. I "co-slept" with all of them. It is when your child sleeps in the bed with you. If you are BFing it is very convenient. Dr. William and Martha Sears have many excellent parenting books out that deal with the issues of co-sleeping. They give excellent advice because they recognize that not all parenting styles work for all children.

I chose to co-sleep with my first child because she was colicky and I was up every 20-30 minutes with her. Believe me--the cry it out method was not an option for us. So I moved her bassinet into our room and put her in bed with me. If I got too uncomfortable, or she got too squirmy, I put her in the bassinet.

With my son, he came into our bed when the doctor said that he was not thriving well. He was losing weight and getting sick. When I put him in our bed he ate more often and slept better so his little immune system was more effective.

With my DD2, there was just no question. She is still in our bed.

Both of my older children were out of our bed by the time they were 6 months old. My youngest is about 1/2 and 1/2. And you will find time and opportunity for sex if you want it. Six months is not forever! It forced us to be creative for a while--which is just what we needed anyway!

There are a few simple rules if you decide to try co-sleeping:

1. NEVER co-sleep if you are on any medication that can alter your consciousness (painkillers, sleep aids, even some cold/allergy medicines, etc...) or have comsumed any alcohol. Also do not co-sleep if you have any kind of sleep disorder.

2. Don't put the baby in between you and the father. Dads usually sleep a lot heavier.

3. Make sure you don't overdress the baby. Remember, you are a gigantic heater. (a diaper and t-shirt is usually plenty)

4. Put a pillow between you knees to prevent rolling over (This is good for lower back pain too!)

5. Before the baby is rolling over by himself, get a bedrail to keep him from falling out of bed.

6. Have a bassinet or small crib next to the bed in case you or baby needs a break.

7. Don't listen to anyone who says they know the "only right way" or "you'll never get that baby out of your bed".