What Help do U Have..SAH/WOHMoms

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What Help do U Have..SAH/WOHMoms
Thu, 05-06-2004 - 1:42pm

..Well, I'm having a Moment.




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Thu, 05-06-2004 - 1:51pm
I am very lucky to have my dad, who is retired and has tons of time, pretty much available any time to babysit. I also have 2 brothers who, while being less readily available, are still there if we need them. If for some reason my dad or brothers were not available, I have 4 close girlfriends and we occasionally *kid swap* or help each other out with babysitting.


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Thu, 05-06-2004 - 2:00pm

For outside my working life, I have church members, teenage babysitters, friends

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Thu, 05-06-2004 - 2:04pm
We have a FT nanny, but my parents live half an hour away and work 5 minutes away from our house so they're our backup WRT babysitting.
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Thu, 05-06-2004 - 2:16pm
I'm very lucky to have my (retired) parents five minutes from us, so they're my primary babysitters. SIL (also a SAHM) is my back up, and she and I swap. We also swap date nights monthly, I watched her DS last month, she's watching my DS this month and so on. My sister lives an hour and a half from here but loves to come to town and watch DS occasionally.

My parents watch DS probably once a week so I can go to the dr, get my nails done, or whatever. It works out very well for me, as if I had to wait until DH was around to do those things, they probably wouldn't happen.


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Thu, 05-06-2004 - 2:22pm
Don't let yourself feel deprived because your family isn't nearby. "His" parents and my parents don't live too, too far away and will likely visit each week. They are useless. They come to be entertained by the g-children. Maybe I'll get in a good hour of running errands. But, even in my darkest days after bringing a newborn home from the hospital, no one has ever offered to even do a lousy load of laundry.

My best friend (a SAHM), OTOH, has parents living 2000 miles away who will visit for a few weeks or even a month. They babysit, vacuum, take over and help out. Once I called her during the day and she was lying in bed with her mom watching the children because my friend had the sniffles. Unfair! Plus, she uses dc and 20 hrs-week of babysitting in general.

It all depends on the g-parents. Believe me, you may not be missing out.

I'm a SAHM and DH will also mind the children on the weekends for 2 -3 hrs. I tried a babysitter, but I have a tough time leaving the children until they're older. If I had to work, I would adjust, but for now, I can't leave them until they're older and can speak and let me know if a babysitter was abusive. I definitely have issues with trusting other adults, probably more as a result of SAH than as a reason that I sah. I hope that made sense.

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Thu, 05-06-2004 - 2:30pm

I am a WOHM.


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Thu, 05-06-2004 - 2:33pm

Also, I am fortunate enough to live in a neighborhood with wonderful people.


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Thu, 05-06-2004 - 3:00pm
A combination of family, friends and friends' daughters (15-16 years old).
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Thu, 05-06-2004 - 3:07pm
I don't have help at home. If we have to go to the doctor we all go. If one kid has a game we all go. In the event there is an emergency I have people I could ask to watch my kids, but I wouldn't ask them unless it truly was an emergency. We do hire babysitters on some weekends if we want to go out without the kids. We live far from family as well.


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Thu, 05-06-2004 - 3:16pm
Hi...I have been peeking at this board now and then and whenever I find a post that interests me, it seems to have too many responses read...no one has time for all that, lol

I also live far from family, and for the most part I enjoy it. When we lived near family, they were rarely reliable.

Now, finally, my oldest can be relied upon to babysit when DH and I go out locally, he is 15..

I think that we've grown to depend on each other a lot as there is no extended family to speak of.

I think its OK.

I am a SAHM, DS15, DD11 and DD8...I do everything within the home, with the kids, all errands and appts., all school functions, holiday stuff, help with 2 home based businesses and am quite happy most of the time. DH works from home, plays golf every single day from April - Nov. (we live in NY)I have free reign with the finances and we go out on *dates* 1-2 nights a week.

Sorry...I've wandered.

I guess what I'm trying to say is to each his own..