When is your tree going up?

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When is your tree going up?
Sat, 11-29-2003 - 2:33pm
We put ours up yesterday and decorated it today. We went with an artificial this year so can put it up a lot earlier than normal.


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Sat, 11-29-2003 - 2:50pm

Am I the oddball?

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Sat, 11-29-2003 - 2:52pm
I don't know--UGH! We have an artificial tree, so I can put it up whenever, but I'm not sure how DS is going to do with it. He is obsessed w/the mini-tree in his bedroom (put high, far above his reach) and the mini-tree in the LR, but our big tree goes in the bay in our DR and I just don't know when I'm going to feel like putting it up. The rest of the house is as decorated as possible w/a non-verbal 22 month old. I'm going to put his old playyard around it to keep him out, but the thought of all this decorating combined with packing for the move...


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Sat, 11-29-2003 - 2:57pm
Well, that depends on what I decide. Real or artificial. I'm leaning towards artificial. Either way it will be up and decorated before Dec. 19th which is when my sister (almostfreeof3) will be up visiting.
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Sat, 11-29-2003 - 4:07pm
I dont know. we usually get it the day after thanksgiving, and leave it up til january at least, sometimes february depending on how well the tree is doing, but this year, money is so tight, i dont know when we will get it. i think i have my dh convinced to go today or tomorrow though. putting it up is another story. we probably wont get it up til next weekend, and then dd comes home the following weekend.

did you see my sister will have hers up by the time we come up, so we can see it?? we are really close and usually center our special events around each other. mostly she around me, as she doesnt get down to my house very often. we're having christmas dinner at her house that sunday too!!! whooooo-hoooooooo!! cant wait. its much fun at my sisters house. ya'll should come! LOL

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Sat, 11-29-2003 - 4:12pm
We haven't put it up this early in the past because we used real trees and I was afraid of them getting dried out. This is the earliest we have ever done it. I think that maybe a month may be too long and we will re-think it again next year. We usually take ours down New Years day.

Another reason we are putting it up this weekend is because DD2 is home from college, she won't be home again until Dec 15th.

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Sat, 11-29-2003 - 4:46pm

Well, my tree is SUPPOSED to go up today.

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Sat, 11-29-2003 - 8:42pm
The tree is up, lighted, garlanded....we just need to go to the storage locker and get the ornaments, but we're the losers who can't find our key!

I warned dh if he doesn't find it tomorrow, then I get to go buy all NEW ornaments, woohahaha.


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Sun, 11-30-2003 - 12:42am
Artificial is the ONLY way to go! We always had a fresh tree until last year - I will never go fresh again! I bought some artificial spray - smells just like the real thing. Just spray the tree and the artificial garland and your house smells like Christmas without all the mess. Dh spent hours putting all the lights on it last year - tons of 'em! We didn't take the lights off. Just wrapped the tree up and put it in the storage room. We'll put it up next weekend (I want to wait til December)and take it down on Jan 2. We've been decorating the rest of the house all week.
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Sun, 11-30-2003 - 9:14am
I'm with you. We never get our tree until around December 15. I just don't like to have holiday decorations around for too long. I guess it's because I hate to get sick of special things. It's why I always throw fresh cut flowers out the second they start to droop -- there's nothing sadder than wilting flowers in a vase. And a month-old Christmas tree is kind of the same to me.
Congratulations! I'm so happy to hear it. I just heard the good news and popped back over, just in case you were still checking in.
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Sun, 11-30-2003 - 10:27am
Hey I went PRE LIT artificial this year! I cant wait. We are doing the tree today probably. I also dont take mine down till the first week in January-which is why I like having an artificial tree. Real trees are just too much of a mess-by the time I take it down, it looks like a big stick with a few brown pine needles on it, LOL.



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