Co-parenting - could you do this?

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Co-parenting - could you do this?
Tue, 08-07-2012 - 12:18pm

Huffington Post has a blog piece where the author talks about her and her ex trying to maintain a friendly relationship for th sake of their son.  They've even gotten to the point of having monthly dinners together so that he can be with both parents, and they can touch base about their son: 

Since then, we have embarked on other activities as a threesome. We have taken our son to his doctor's appointments together and were both present for his first soccer class and his first "big boy" haircut at a real barber. For his third birthday, his father and I decided to take him out for a special dinner, where we talked mostly about our son and focused on all his new skills and interests. Our son was very excited for the three of us to be together, and it felt good to be able to do that for him.

The author's marriage broke up when he asked for a divorce, after cheating on her for 10 months.  I was amazed that she was able to put that aside for her son, although she admits to having a hard time dealing with her pain and trying to be civil. 

Do you think this is a good arrangement, is it something that you would consider or already are doing?  If the parents remarry, do you think that these dinners should be restricted to the parents, or should the stepparents attend?