Dependancy Proof

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Dependancy Proof
Fri, 10-01-2010 - 9:19am

Not really a debate but a question that I know the smartest BMs and SMs on the net can answer for me : )

If a child turns 18 before he graduates from High School who's responsibility is it to proove that he is still in school? Or is it the CS paying parent's responsibility to prove he is out of school already after or before the 18th birthday?


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Fri, 10-01-2010 - 9:29am

I would expect that responsibility is on the payor of CS to attempt to gain information

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Fri, 10-01-2010 - 10:35am

Since I had a case through the attorney general on my ex for CS I got a letter when my son was a senior in high school so I had to go get something from the school to send them. CS automatically stopped the month he graduated.

With DH, as far as he knows, BM wasn't sent anything or if she was she faked that he was still in school since he dropped out when he was still in school. DH wasn't panning on changing CS to the one child amount anyway but the same amount came out very month. He could have stopped it though. With YSS DH had to pay a lawyer to have it stopped the month after he graduated high school. BM was highly upset when she didn't get that check the next month lol.

If you are responsible and pay above and beyond you have to hire a lawyer to do the paperwork but if you're sloppy on paying CS they do the footwork for you. Nice!


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Fri, 10-01-2010 - 10:35am
It's up to one who pays CS
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Fri, 10-01-2010 - 11:46am

I think it depends if your CS is running through the Department of Justice (or whatever agency is enforcing it) or if a divorced couple is just sending money directly to eachother according to their decree and not using an enforcement agency, whether or not any of this would be done "for you," of if the NCP had to take matters into their own hands.

Either way, I know at least with the social security I got for my two older children, he had to get a signature from the school that he was enrolled full-time, so the social security checks would then continue until he graduated.

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Fri, 10-01-2010 - 3:58pm

This should have been addressed i the CO. Still in school, then CS should still apply.

If the CS payer wants that info, then they should go to the school themselves to ensure the 18 year old is still a student.

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Tue, 10-05-2010 - 11:37pm

I would think it would be the responsibility of the person who would benefit from the change.  If a child was in school once they were 18, it should be the CS receiving parent's responsibility to prove that they should still be receiving the support.   If a child turned 18 and moved out of the house but was still in school, it would be the responsibility of the CS payor to have the CS order terminated.  That would make the most sense to me.

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