Do you think it makes a difference if SM has own kids?

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Do you think it makes a difference if SM has own kids?
Tue, 03-26-2013 - 3:20pm

I didn't realize it was news if LeAnn Rimes shows up at her SS baseball game in skimpy PVC shorts. 

While it's not what I would wear to a baseball game, at least she made the effort to go after what I'm sure was a very late night for her.  I thought it was interesting what Brandi Glanville had to say about their co-parenting relationship, it tends to be in the tabloids a lot and LeAnn tends to get some heat as a SM.  

"I don't think we'll be friends, but I hope we can coexist peacefully," Glanville said of the country music superstar. "Once she has a child of her own, I think she will understand boundaries and what's respectful to do and how to handle things a little better."

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I do see what she is saying, parenting is different when it's your child, but...  I don't think you have to have a baby to have a successful co-parenting relationship.  I think communication and having respect going both ways has a lot to do with keeping the peace.  What do you think?

Just a side thought, I don't think it would make news if the mom showed up in PVC shorts.  It is only newsworthy if it's the SM acting in perceived bad taste.  It doesn't seem fair that the SM should be held to a higher standard than the BM, but not sure if you can change perceptions that easily.  







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I actually didn't have a problem with the shorts.  I do think she's a B for having such perfect legs, though.  LOL

Personally, I think both of these women are catty idiots.  Neither one can play nicely, and the kids will suffer because of it.

I don't think that having children is a must to be respectful of each other.  If it was, Brandi would have more class in dealing with the situation.  Some people are just ruled by drama.  Sucks for the kids.

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I think you are exactly right, that SMs are held under a microscope when it comes to these things... I bet if BM wore nothing but a bikini top and shorts it STILL wouldn't make the news... but poor SM wearing mini shorts it makes the news... how ridiculous! and no her having or not having a child wouldn't change the fact that the BM is just in bad taste... I don't see how having an involved SM is going to damage any child. more adults loving and supporting a child isn't a bad thing.