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Sat, 08-21-2010 - 10:37pm

So after reading that rather funny article about things moms would like to say to stepmoms, I had to ask about the invitations one.

BMs: How do you or would you feel about receiving an invitation to a party the child is invited to? Like for a half-sibling's birthday? If the birthday fell on your time, would you expect BD to ask for a switch so the child could attend or would you prefer to receive an invitation and take the child yourself? If BD didn't ask for a switch or send an invitation, would you assume your child was being "left out?"

SMs: Would you/BD or have you/BD sent BM an invitation to a party your stepchild was going to be involved in, like your child's birthday? If your child's birthday fell on the OP's weekend, would you just send an invitation? Ask for a switch? Or just do a