Making the sick call

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Making the sick call
Mon, 08-23-2010 - 11:04am

This hasn't come to fruition yet, but I have a feeling it soon will.

I take ODSD to school every day.

BD leaves home at 600 am and works half an hour away. His phone is turned off at 745 am, and any calls have to go through the Front Office.

BM doesn't wake up until 9 am, and doesn't answer her phone before then. She lives/works 30/45 miles away.

We wake up after BD leaves, at aprox 615 am.

ODSD was complaining of being nauseated. No fever, no vomiting.

I took DS's to school/daycare, and ODSD was still nauseated with no outward signs of illness. We stopped and got a Pepto Bismol tablet and a Coke, which I 'flattened'.

She took both, and felt moderately better. I dropped her off at school, but let the front office know to call me if she complained of continued nausea (I am first call on the emergency list, so this is standard).

Debate: In a situation where a SP is responsible for taking the child to school, who makes the ultimate call on whether to keep the child off for feeling *bad* with no outward signs of illness? FI, what if the nausea had been much worse, but still no fever, vomiting?

Do I make the same call I would for my own kids? Or do I ultimately leave this decision up to BM and/or BM by attempting to get in touch with them (but please remember the contact issues I demonstrated above). What happens if BM/BD cannot be reached?

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Mon, 08-23-2010 - 11:10am
This actually happened to me twice last year. Once with OSD and once with YSS. With OSD, it was easy. She was throwing up, so all I did was contact DH and have him deal with BM. With YSS, it was a little harder. In your case, I doubt BM would care if you made the decision to keep her home. In my case, I contact my DH, and although it is pretty much my call because he's not there to see for himself, he deals with BM and therefore its also his call too.
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Mon, 08-23-2010 - 11:19am

I'd say it's a conversation that the BPs need to have in advance. Either BM can decide she is good with SM making the call or she can commit to being available (or having a caregiver available) to make the call in her absence.

In our world, DH is allowed to make all important decisions in my absence. That's not something I recommend trying without the NCP's okay.


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Mon, 08-23-2010 - 12:45pm

Some kids can make the call themselves, actually.

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Mon, 08-23-2010 - 12:47pm
In your case, I would let the kid make the initial call.